Heal Me Kill Me kdrama

I was simply watching episode 4, when I realized that I had jotted down a few tidbits to help me keep track of my thoughts…Heal Me Kill Me kdrama Now, where was I? Off to pick up the discussion thread on dramabeans.


4 thoughts on “Heal Me Kill Me kdrama

    • Scribbles all over the place! I don’t always, or usually, jot stuff down, but I want to keep track of the names, and since there are so many with 17 (is it?) personalities of 1 character plus all the others, I wrote them down and the some. I haven’t even jumped on board at dramabeans, yet, although I seem 3 and 4 recaps are up. I do keep track of all the dramas I watch in a year (2015 is year 3 – wow!!), so I started my new page for the new year.


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