Hardboiled egg molds – too cute not to share

    These little egg molds turned out so cute I had to share my lunch box. Chopsticks included.  IMG_0254





9 thoughts on “Hardboiled egg molds – too cute not to share

  1. Oh, my god! That’s so cute.

    This made me think of a blog I follow: http://www.justonecookbook.com/ It’s Japanese food. I haven’t made any of the recipes (or anything Korean for that matter), but the photos are great, her videos are well made, her descriptions and personal anecdotes wonderful — and she often has giveaways. Some of her recipes and giveaways are for something adorable, like this.

    Last night I had homemade ravioli. My next-door neighbor is a chef. Lucky me!


    • Well, that’s odd. I thought I replied, but I don’t see it posted, hmmm. Anyhoot, yes, lucky you! the blog is visually attractive, very important when it comes to food.


      • You know I hadn’t paid much attention to the website itself, more her blogs and recipes. But now that you mention it, yes nice. Done with WP by a design firm.


      • Gosh, so cute. I think a college cafeteria serving them would be a hit. Maybe not, dunno. Just watched P&P ep 20. Panning sties for Healer 11 subbed. And you know what tomorrow is – Roommate (at least raw).


      • p.s. I only check out food blogs others recommend for a specific reason like this. Otherwise, I don’t surf them. I also don’t know a single thing about pintrest which shows up everywhere these days. Maybe it’s my way of limiting being online more than I already am. Crafty stuff, not my thing at all, art – yes, but not crafts. Well, usually. Although I do burst without warning and do something homespun just for they hey, maybe only once, who knows~ the egg molds were a stocking stuffer from a relative who was in LA and saw them and thought of me :_


      • This is the only food blog I’ve sort of followed (other than my friend’s http://thetalkingplate.blogspot.com). Not sure how I came across it. There are just too many good ones out there. My Kdrama addiction has already sucked up too much of my time. I think Pinterest is great, but I **rarely** go on it nowadays. It’s crack. My brain explodes in too many directions . I can wander in the woods for hours. It is good for some kinds of inspiration though.

        I still haven’t seen Healer 10. I’ll see it, but I’m not craving it. Still not that into it. I did just see the 1st 2 episodes of “The Family Is Coming”. I liked it. Roommate soon, yea!


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