Roommate season 2 ep 14 – Korean Reality Show

It’s Roommate 2015!

roommate 2 24 collage

Intertwined throughout this episode about the roommates delivering coal briquettes to the elderly were snippets of random conversations. Se Ho met up with a friend, Jang Yae Won, after her late night shift as DJ on “A Night Like This” radio program. Jang Yeo Won roommate 2 ep 14Back in season 1 there was an episode with Yae Won’s colleague, Jung Shik, who aggressively questioned Se Ho about his past crush on her. But in today’s episode, Yae Won and Se Ho agreed it was more like a brother and sister friendship where they had a meal together and also run into each other occasionally since they share a stylist.

 Jackson roommate 2 ep 14Yae Won joined the roommates for an evening of sharing DJ stories. Digging into the past revealed that Dong Wook was the lunchtime DJ at his high school with the call sign, “Freedom of the press and the sound of faith.” Everyone cracked up. At the time, I suppose it sounded grand and idealistic to our high schooler, Dong Wook. Sunny’s morning talk show call sign, “I’ll be waiting here again for you tomorrow,” brought groans of “cheesy,” and Yae Won’s call sign, “Thanks for sharing these past two hours with me. Shall we go to bed now?” made hearts flutter. I was surprised that she is only 24. Even Jong Ok had a talk show back in the day with an opening song titled, “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Who knows, the mention of the song that no one else had heard of  might have a comeback because of Roommate.

There was brief footage of the SBS Entertainment Awards 2014, but for pictures and comments, check out the SBS Entertainment Awards 2014 post on my blog below for Roommate highlights. (I’ve added a few bonus pictures at the end here just because.)

Cold, Icy, Brutal Winds, and Snow

The episode centered around the roommates and friends helping elderly residents who live the the shantytown known as Bukjeong Village by delivering coal briquettes to their homes for the cold winter ahead. Without their help, I don’t know what these 70+ to 90 year-olds, many who live alone, would have done. Se Ho and Dong Wook got the ball rolling by ordering the briquettes, and met the delivery truck in Bukjeong at 7:55 a.m. in the blowing snow and unforgiving wind. They even delivered the first couple hundred briquettes themselves before reinforcement arrived. They are the heroes of this episode for their gallant efforts. Nearly all the roommates bundled up and joined in the community project to deliver 1400 briquettes to 7 homes. roommate 14 10Jackson, Young-ji, Kang joon, roommate season 2The conditions were perilous, the roads were narrow, and the 12 steps of torture at the end of the uphill trek with briquettes on their backs made for hard work. Friends of friends pitched in to help. GOT7, 5urprise (Kang Joon’s group), Se Ho’s friends (who stuck it out wearing the suits they showed up in since they’d been told to come to a party with Girls’ Generation – yeah, right – I did feel kinda bad for them), Young-ji’s fans, and Yae Won – Roommate season 2 delivering briquettes  23 in all – worked for 9 straight hours to get the job done. Gold stars for all the helpers – you rock *n roll!

roommate 2 14 more 8 roommate 14 6 roommate 14 5

 GOT7 Bam Bam’s spindly legs looked like they would snap with the load on his back. Here is Young-ji helping him maneuver through the narrow street for a successful delivery at the home of an elderly auntie.

Young-ji and Bam Bam

roommate 14 9  roommate 2 14 more 7

roommate 2 14 more 1Sunny and Bam Bam are at the end of the human assembly line they formed to pass the coal briquette by briquette from wheelbarrow to storage room in the house.

roommate 14 12
The guys in their suits were good sports and did their part.

It was heartwarming when the grateful ahjumma invited them into her home for a warm meal and at least 16 of them crowded around the table she set in her modest kitchen with a simple but precious kimchi and two bean paste stew meal. I nearly cried at the effort she made to feed them. Cute, bashful Bam Bam rapped in Thai to Jackson’s beat box for entertainment. It was a long, hard day but it must have brought great satisfaction to workers and recipients alike. roommate 2 14 collage 2

roommate 2 14 more more

Public Bathhouse Time

Four weary men, Se Ho, Dong Wook, Jackson, and Kang Joon headed to the town’s 30 year-old public bathhouse. Of course they had a holding your breath underwater contest – Jackson surprised me by being the first one up. He and Dong Wook lost the bet  (there’s no competition without a bet, in this case, food). Se Ho and Jackson told father and son bathhouse stories. Se Ho recalled how he and his father would always eat at a Chinese restaurant afterwards. For Jackson, it was sharing a Jacuzzi with his father after fencing training and getting special pointers on lethal moves.  roommate 14 11

Our fit twenty-something-year-olds.

Jackson and Kang joon at bathhouseroommate 2 14 more 9

Late That Night

I expected to hear Auld Lang Syne in the background as Ryohei, Joon-hyung, and Dong Wook roasted potatoes on a snowy night in the back yard and reflected. Dong Wook resolved to be more empathetic and a better listener, and Ryohei and Joon-hyung promised to learn Korean. Huh, Joon-hyung? You are Korean. But, according to him, his struggles are with the tricky written Korean nuances. Ryohei was dubbed the best listener, but as Dong Wook pointed out, since he is on a reality show, he might want to speak up a little more. They were so cute ribbing each other – nyuk nyuk!

*Bonus pictures from SBS Entertainment Awards 2014 (for more pictures, see Roommate SBS Entertainment Awards post below). Not many could look as dapper in a blue and black checked suit as our Park Min-woo. Young-ji seems to be a sweet as her picture.

Min-woo SBS entertainment awards 2014 Roommateroommate 14 4roommate awards 6

Gook Ju, Jackson, and Kang-joon sbs awards 2

sbs awards

sbs awards 1



















Jackson and mom Roommate season 2p.s. I expected this episode to feature Jackson and his mother on their “date” as seen in the preview, but I am not disappointed as the roommates did a good thing to help the community of elderly people and came through thanks to good friends who joined them. I look forward to that next week.


19 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 ep 14 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Love your post. Quick comment: Joon-hyung is Korean-American. He was born in Korea, so I think accounts for his citizenship. However, he was raised in Southern California. According to wikipedia he didn’t move to Korea until 1997.


    • Hi revlow, long time no see 🙂 heh I should probably go back and include that in the post; I thought to do so, but left it out in the end. In LA he has a surfer bum reputation, in Korea he’s a 1st generation idol whose comeback is as much a surprise to him as anyone. I’m happy for him (g.o.d.), though. I cut that part of the episode short and didn’t do justice to his story or Ryohei’s, for that matter.


      • I wouldn’t worry about it. I was a bit surprised when Dong Wook said, “But you’re Korean!” (or something close). I mean geez, they’ve certainly talked about him being a foreigner, seen insanely bad photos from his Calif high school yearbook, etc.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Roommate 2015! Thanks for the post!

    That was a heroic effort by the team – and that poor guy carrying briquettes in his tux…!! Nice to see Young Ji fans pitching in too. I just finished watching the KARA Project, to see how her journey unfolded. All the girls were so talented, but I’m glad we ended up with Young Ji on Roommate! She and Jackson are just too cute. (interesting that I didn’t once see her trademark emoji smile on the KARA Project – guess they were censoring the “idol image”, but it suits her so well!)

    The impromptu beatboxing and rap session was adorable. Jackson’s such a moodmaker. That moment when he called granny “Noona”!! kekeke

    So is Seho, in a different way – he just went for it at the bath house, with a touching faith that everything would be edited out on national tv!! I wonder if he got a call from his mom later…

    The boys showed a completely different side of themselves when they were at the bath house (and I don’t mean in *that* way … okay, maybe a little bit in that way!) and it was great. Jackson does everything at lightning speed! Maybe all the guys should go and do something similar sometime. The bath house itself has that shabby nostalgic feel, and looked very cosy.

    The Korean lesson was pretty spot on – Joon Hyung’s exactly the same as me when trying to figure out the Hangul alphabet and which way the strokes go! Better replay some FT Island lessons!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how in the bathhouse Se Ho says “I think I’ve gained some weight.” and Dong Wook immediately says “What do you mean? You’ve lost some.”. SH: “I have?” DW: “You have. Your stomach is so skinny. You have no fat on your stomach.” Okay, maybe an exaggeration that he has no fat, but it is the truth that he’s been losing weight and I love his buddy supporting him. And who would know better than Dong Wook?


  4. And sweet how shy Kang-Joon is. I still say he could use a few pounds, as well as Dong-Wook, and it’s disturbing that he has intentionally lost weight.

    The hot tub looked so inviting, and I don’t mean just because they were in it. I could really sense how good it must have felt after a day of hard labor and black soot. My own aching bones thought a soak in a hot tub would feel wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, but the contrast with the way Jackson did it was just … too much to handle!! Chalk and cheese, those two. But maybe that’s why they seem to be such good roommates.


      • LOL. You’re from Sydney, right? Just started keeping tract of where the beanies are from, it’s wonderful how we’re from all over the place.

        I love phrases from other countries. “Chalk and cheese.” How descriptive! And there you go, Bob’s your uncle!


      • Hey revlow! sorry for the late reply here – yep, I’m a Sydneysider in Seoul! (in spirit … not literally, huhuuu)

        It’s wonderful how shows like these bring people together. Such is the addiction that I even find myself muttering in Korean slang nowadays, like “omo!” or “cheong mal yo/chinjja” or “maldo andwae!”

        As for the phrases – heck, most of the time, we don’t even know we’re doing it, but people seem to get the meaning 🙂


      • Hi Thursdaynexxt!

        I pick up on phrases/ words pretty well, and my curiosity (some would say obsession) is such that I look them up. I’ve seen several Aussie movies, but probably more pertinent (and I mean no offence) is the huge amount of British TV and films I watch, since there’s some carryover. Even if there wasn’t “chalk and cheese” is sooo descriptive, I think it’s impossible not to get it. Better than our “apples and oranges”. After all, they’re both fruit!

        I also find myself muttering Korean without thinking. I think chinjja and eotokke are the biggies for me. Especially eotokke. God that gets said a lot!

        See you around!


  5. Re: the award show looks. I agree, Min-Woo pulled off the blue-black checkered well. I really liked Ryohei’s look. It was an odd grey-flannel suit meets tuxedo jacket combo, but it worked! I thought he was sharp.


    • It was fantastic to see them get a bunch of awards, and super cute to see they took Cucumber to the ceremony!

      They certainly clean up good – Jong Ok looked very glamorous!


      • I wondered at first if Jong Ok would be a good fit for the household, but she has held her own, and fits in so well, and was recognized with an award. She did look very glamorous on the carpet, and Young-ji looked perfectly sweet. Also, A-Pink Cucumber, was looking royally Beagle-esque~


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