Roommate season 2 ep 13 – Korean Reality Show

For now, I’ll just skip the rest of what happened on Roommate Christmas Party part 2 and post the surprise reunion with Jackson and his mom (dad, too) – not a dry eye in the house. You did a nice thing, JYP. I promise to write more later, but for now, Christmas + Jackson =  emotional but happy reunion time.

Updated comments: Performance wise, Gook Ju can dance, sing, and entertain like no other in that house. She gives it her all and then some, and can shake it good. I loved her I Have a Man routine, and her two pool boys, how could she choose? Impossible. Because they were supreme performers, too. Kang-joon never disappoints, he is game for anything, and his synced dance with Gook Ju was awesome. Plus 100 points for Kang-joon. As for Jackson, well, he barely has to say or do anything, and Gook Ju melts. It is too cruel to make her choose. Her encores were awesome, too. Gook Ju knows how to win over an audience and the family and friends at the Christmas party loved it. She deserved the praise she received from JYP.  Next up, Se Ho performed Honey, and I would have pushed the X buzzer, opened the floor hatch, donged the gong for his cringe-worthy plastic wrap performance except for Young-ji who stepped up and saved the day. Barely. Like Gook Ju, Young-ji is all in and is the  brave maknae of KARA and the Roommate household. I am always applauding Young-ji for her sparkle and 100% effort. Plus she’s a goo dancer, singer, and performer.

The pics of Jackson and his mom say it all. I can’t wait until next week for Jackson and his mom’s date on the town.

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This is just too much – wah!


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27 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 ep 13 – Korean Reality Show

    • I know! I’m an ep behind in Misaeng, and I have to watch all of Roommate subbed. But really, what can I say more than these pics, right? I also watched P&P, really good, and of course we will miss next week’s because of some MBC award evening. With traveling and company all week, though, it is hit or miss until I’m back to a regular kdrama schedule. Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi there! After watching Jackson’s family reunion, I just had to comment. Talk about a tissue box and a half! Felt so bad for Jackson.
    Gook Juice really can do everything – she’s an amazing dancer, and sexier than all the other ladies in the house! (though I have a soft spot for Young Ji too. She and her sister are so alike)
    Love her guest friend – I could watch Baek Ji Young eating all day. Or singing all day. Either one. I don’t mind.
    Thanks for all your hard work, cimi!


    • Wasn’t that such a tear jerker? Wow. Jackson is handsome when he smiles, but a little boy when he cries! I can’t wait for the date with his mom this week. Baek Ji Young was really cool – I love her song. And Ryohei’s friend, weren’t the two guys random together? This roommate group watches out for each other and they get along so well. I missed Sunny and Min-woo, and Nana is very laid back these days. Thanks for stopping by my blog! See you next year 🙂


      • I know. 😦

        If you haven’t seen the two Misaeng specials yet, they are quite good. Both are at Soompi and myasiantv. I think the subs are easier to read at myasiantv.

        I actually couldn’t help myself and have been watching the entire series all over again. Already! My Misaeng withdrawal has pretty severe. Considering that I’d usually see each episode twice before (once at Soompi, then at viki), this is my third time. I’m sick.

        I’m several episodes behind on P&P. Haven’t been able to finish #16. I’m so tangled that I think I may wait until the series ends, then watch the rest back to back.


  2. Oh Misaeng specials, so glad you mentioned them because I missed seeing them. I’ve been out of town and just got back last night after a grueling 12-hour drive through black ice, blowing snow, and single digit temperatures. Winter – bleh. I fell in bed and slept from 8 pm until 4 am at which point I had cereal and coffee an caught up on a few talk shows and kdrama episodes and started on a blog post. Since I’m unpacking and washing, I think I’ll take a break *gleefully running off to watch Misaeng* That will help me get over my Roommate preempt disappointment.


    • Eee gads! What an scary drive. Glad you made it back in one piece. Yes, Misaeng is the soothing balm for our weary souls. Or a least it has been for me.

      It’s been single digits where I live as well. For some reason I just can’t get the chill off today even in the warm house. Brrr.

      Enjoy Geu-Rae and the gang!

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      • Wah! I just finished the two special episodes of Misaeng, and teared up so much! I usually don’t care that much about behind the scenes specials or producer’s cuts, things like that, but this was so intimate and insightful. I love Director Kim who doesn’t sleep and carefully cast the actors to portray his vision of Misaeng the drama, after the webtoon. Si Wan will always be Gue Rae throughout his career, and it is a good character to be eternally associated with. I loved the “What is Misaeng to You?” part where they went from person to person and each one added to the richness that Misaeng was for all of us. It makes my mind race thinking, “Is there a story in my life that I could write about that would incorporate the people close to me and who I associate with that I could tell as compellingly and universally as Misaeng?” I also really liked the on-the-street interviews with people who watched Misaeng and were so invested in it because it touched them. What a great way to send out the old year and ring in the new year. Anyway, happy new year, fellow Misaeng lover!


      • I know! I’m the same way about behind-the-scenes docs, usually nothing but PR claptrap. But this was so moving and genuine. I blubbered, too. All the veterans saying “This was the project of my life”. Everyone saying this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The actors who’d struggled up until this. The dedication of all the cast and crew to get it right. I learned about the technical elements that made this just so special. I also loved the on-the-street interviews, especially the one with the 33 year-old worker followed by the 30 year-old who said the first guy was his boss and how he sincerely related to that relationship, all the while the “boss” is trying to hold back his chuckles. Loved “What is Misaeng to You?” And we’re all Geu-Rae.

        I think you watch 1N2D, right? Did you see this week’s?

        Roommate news: I see that Jong-ok is going to be in the upcoming Kdrama Spy.

        To my Roommate-giggling/ Misaeng-weeping pal…


      • Thanks – what a fun little ornament, hey? Just watched a new (at least to me) Japanese anime movie “The Wind Rises.” It was a bit slow, but I enjoyed the story. Almost midnight here, so happy hew year to you, too!


      • I think I might have seen that one. I’ve seen so few anime, but when I have I’ve been blown away. Where did you watch it? Do you know of good sites for anime? (Believe it or not I haven’t seen “Howl’s Moving Castle” yet!)

        Did you watch 1D2N this week yet? Don’t want to blow it for you–there’s a brief scene I want to mention.

        Where do you watch Roommate? The subs on your screen shots don’t look like any I’ve seen, and this post came out way before I found it subbed on the sites I use.

        Hope you are having a lovely New Year’s Day!


  3. Oh, I forgot… I saw an interview with Kang-Joon where he mentioned losing weight. Gads, what is it with these already skinny guys getting too gaunt? The reason he gave was even worse… to lose his cheek fat! Said he got comments about his chubby cheeks at after “After School: Lucky or Not”. His adorable cheeks? Is that something to be gotten rid of? Really?? On the other hand, I can see this might help him play a broader age range, and now I know just why I’d been thinking he was looking older on Roommate. Still…no! Saw him on a variety show recently where he gave a brief peek at his abs. Too skinny on an already skinny boy! (I’ll find the show.)

    Here’s the interview.


      • I know, are these guys are under pressure to be so gaunt or what? Dong-wook is still getting flak from Jong Ok and I think she’s right – he looks sunken and sickly. Filming schedules seem to be merciless with little sleep and long late hours (take Misaeng, for example.) I don’t know. I really think Seo Kang-joon is talented and has the personality to appeal to lots of people and lots of genres. I remember when Chanyeol kind of showed him up on the piano, but he plays pretty good in this clip. I watched 1N2D the year end awards episode just now. Is that the one you are referring to? @ Roommate, I watch it raw on dramacool usually and start pulling pictures. Then I watch it subbed on dramacool or myasiantv. I used to watch it on inthekpop but that site messed up my computer with viruses, so I don’t go there anymore pull some clips from tumblr but avoid using dramafever, soompi, allkpop, or kpopstarz etc. pics that are probably copyrighted. SBS Roommate facebook has some pics, too, and I use those if they are better than the ones I saved. It’s not very scientific, and I am not good at editing pics or saving gifs (I want to learn more about that this year). Anyhoot, I get my pics first usually, then write the comments as i watch the subbed version a little later. It’s not a recap at all, that would take up so much time, but somehow along the way I just started sharing my thoughts and comments and it’s been fun.

        SO, I cannot WAIT for Jackson’s date with his mom. I want to draw him next, but I haven’t captured the exact expression I want to do. Working of Taiji at the moment.

        Did you see Nana got #1 face of the year on some international ratings poll Chandler something somehting. I have become a Nana fan through Roommate because of how she handles things and her kind personality. Remember when Mama Shin first saw her life size poster of herself and commented that she must be some ego manic or something? But he, too, came to like her and protect her. She is only 24, I think, so I hope her acting and performing career can be what she wants to make of it. Isn’t she cast in an upcoming drama or movie?


      • I know they barely sleep, but geez guys… bring some nutrient-rich food with ya to the set! I’m fearing this gaunt thing may be a trend. I sure hope not. I just find the whole thing disturbing. Give me a little beef with the beefcake. The wasting-away look doesn’t do it for me. (Plus more importantly I worry for them!)

        I do think Dong-Wook looks a lot better in the Christmas shows, less hollow eyed since Blade Man ended. Kang-Joon’s eyes on the other hand looked a bit sunken on last weekend’s What Happens with This Family… but maybe just lack of sleep? Who knows. I want to feed them all some chicken soup.

        I don’t get all the animosity towards Kang-Joon whenever he is mentioned at Dramabeans. Really seems to be a sharp dividing line. Personality, looks, acting — he gets torn from limb to limb. I agree, I think he is talented. Yes, maybe a little rough around the edges yet as an actor… but give the kid a break. Yes, he is goofy in Roommate, but he’s not the dumb rock people make him out to be. I was impressed in that article how knowledgeable and dedicated he is about film.

        Did you see him in the MBC Drama Festival “Haneuljae’s Murder” yet? VERY good in this.

        Yeah, in that early episode Chanyeol kind of showed him up. But the real boy who got left in the dust was poor, insecure Min-Woo who after seeing them both didn’t even try. (This was the episode where they were showing others something they were good at.)

        How nice for Nana that she’s #1. She is so sweet and does seem to be so level-headed, too.
        She was cast in a Kdrama called Equator’s Flower:

        Article two days prior to the announcement gives more detail on the drama:

        Thanks for all the info on the sites.

        The 1N2D comes after the end of the year awards episode. Dramafever has it as ep 73, kshowonline as ep 53.

        Off to give my dog a bath. 🙂


      • PS — My dog bathing skills are more along the lines of Nana/ Se Ho (calm, reassuring, and in control) rather than the hyper — Oh, no! Where did that dog go! — Young-ji. Although I have to say she wasn’t quite so jarring this time, and she was fine with the dryer.


      • There are two after that: Episodes 72 and 73 (by Dramafever), or 52-53 (by kshowonline /kengsub). It’s just a very short blip in the last one I was going to mention. Of course the whole thing is the usual laugh riot with the evil PD.

        I’m lazing around today, trying to motivate myself to do the things I **must** do. My weekends are so empty now without Misaeng, as well as Modern Farmer. And viki takes forever to sub “What Happens to My Family?”. I guess I really need to get a life, or at least get off my butt!


      • It was a bad switch if you ask me. I just watched Pride & Prejudice ep 18, twist! And Chief Moon, well, I dare say he is this kdrama’s Mr. Oh (Misaeng). Differences, yes, but same basic principles.


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