Roommate season 2 ep 10 – Korean Reality Show

50 Day Celebrationroommate 2 ep 10 group

Today was all about celebrating togetherness. The roommates from season 2 have lived together for fifty days and plans were made for more sharing and caring. Gook Ju whipped up an awesome fish stew and green onion chicken – delish!  But somehow she inadvertently dumped the precious corn silk tea that Jong Ok had put on to steep earlier that day. Two of Jong Ok’s friends from a past drama they appeared in together stopped by, and with her guests Yoon Hyun Sook, former member of the 90s group ZAM and actress Byun Jung Soo, the big sisters had a reunion. My Girl was even playing in the background. The friends got the place rocking with oldies and, like clockwork, the dancing started as if 21 years had not gone by since ZAM’s 1993 hit song, I Won’t’ Stop. Hyun Sook remembered the choreography and led the pack with music blaring.

There was what I thought an ominous but vague conversation with Jong Ok and her friend about Sunny knowing too much for being only 27, and what did she have to go through to know what she knows (about what? We are left hanging. Ominous). Jong Ok wished that Sunny would still go to college, saying that it’s not too late for her to do so, and that she felt bad for her…. So what was that all about?

63 Building Serious Vertical Challenge

roommate 2 ep 10 63 buildingAt first I thought Se Ho had prepared his own special event for the roommates to run up 1251 stairs for kicks. Then I realized he had official contestant number badges to participate in the annual vertical marathon that started in 1993. They joined 520 registered entrants to race up the stairs of 63 Building in Yeouido. Wearing official runners’ numbers, Se Ho, 0561, Ryohei, 0562, and Jackson, 0563, showed up ready to roll. Everyone had a strong start, floor 1-2-3-4-5 (ouch, legs hurting, outta breath), 7-8-9-10 (first threshold, can’t go on, gonna die). At floor 30, there is deep regret, and 50 – their spirits have left their bodies. There were only two pit stops along the way with tiny Dixie cups of water for the weary marathoners, at which point I felt a little guilty eating popcorn and a snickers bar as I watched. Sunny, Nana, and Gook Ju waited at the top and sent phone messages to encouragement Se Ho who stopped more than once along the way and sprawled on the floor. Jackson managed to come in 47/520 in 11+ minutes, and Ryohei followed at 99th place at 12 minutes 52 seconds, just under his 13 minute prediction. They looked beat and all I could think was man, what a way to pull a hamstring and get a shin splint, hey? With an echoing {{hello}} down the stairwell, Se Ho appeared on the final 60th floor, whatdayaknow~ he made it ~ to cheers of Jo Se Ho! Jo Se Ho!  All he had to say was, “I shouldn’t have suggested doing this.”  In any case, I was impressed that the three of them made it and in decent time to boot. roomamte 2 ep 10 building 63The group wrapped up the event by writing wishes on hearts to post on the wall and basically wished for universal good health and world peace.




Late Autumn Picnic

While I appreciated the Kang-joon and Min-woo repeat bromance moment over grilled beef, this segment was weak. min woo kang joonIt was more like a summary of the roommates meeting up at a park. Joon-hyung was in a rather poetic mood; I thought he might break out reciting, “I think that I might never see, a poem as lovely as a tree,” as he gushed over the picturesque ginkgo trees, blue skies and clouds. It was good to see the guys in a moment of nature appreciation. roommate 2 ep 10

roommate 2 ep 10 lemonsThe footage of Cucumber peeing on the picnic blanket and ignoring the vast lawn surrounding it at least showed us the pooch gets out once in a while. Oh, and we did get to see Kang-joon eat the most lemons for the self-declared mini Guinness World Record competition. He was adorable as he confidently ate lemon after lemon with nary a wince. However, the other competitions (looked like a 3-legged race and other games) were edited. I guess we can assume they all had fun.






GOT7 Showcase

I actually felt sorry for Jackson in this segment. He has mentioned how much he misses his mom several times on Roommate, and even wonders why he came to Korea during those lonely moments. Got7 was backstage for their showcase performance and Kang-joon stopped by for support. Meanwhile, Gook Ju prepared a cake and a surprise visit as Jackson’s “Korean mom.” Kang-joon told Jackson to call “mom”  and I really think for a brief second, Jackson thought his real mother came from overseas to surprise him. When Jackson called out, “mom, mama, mommy,” I nearly cried. As Gook Ju entered with a cake, Jackson realized what was up and was visibly disappointed and both were embarrassed. ” He turned to Kang-joon and said, “You can’t joke about things like this.” I agree with that. Poor Jackson was traumatized. Still, Kang-joon and Gook Ju joined Jackson in dancing to “Stop, stop it,” which lightened the mood. roomate 2 ep 10 stop stop itIn the end, Jackson called his mom and had a conversation that was touching – she sent her support for success and he sent his love to her. All’s well that ends well.



Young-ji was noticeably missing which makes me realize how much sparkle and life she brings to the roommate household. Dong-wook was also out of commission – hurry back, you two!




2 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 ep 10 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Hi, enjoyed your recap. I was really disappointed with that whole Jackson-Mom antics; You don’t mess with someone’s feelings like that! I felt SO BAD for Jackson. The producers need to make it up to him by really surprising him later on.


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