Roommate season 2 episode 8 – Korean Reality Show

roommate 2 ep 8 group  Episode 8 – Kimchi Chronicles (or the journey from cabbage to kimchi)

This episode brought a new respect and affection for mothers who make kimchi. There was so much work involved and many hands were needed. 80 heads of cabbage were delivered in crates. Are you kidding me? Jong Ok headed up the market kimchi crew. Dong-wook reluctantly joined the group in spite of his protests that the last shopping trip with roommates totally wiped him out. Nevertheless, he obediently followed big sister Jong Ok along with Jackson, Young-ji, and Joon-hyung. They bought kimchi making ingredients including spring onions, ginger, peppers, chives, radish, 7 kg salted shrimp, and chili pepper. roommate 2 ep 8 marketAn impromptu “Show Me The Fish” version of “Show Me The Money” dance and song by (can you guess?) Jackson, Joon-hyung, and Young-ji had the market ladies loving them.

Jong Ok at the market.

roommate 2 ep 8 jong ok at the market


Jackson and Joon-hyung, who have the attention span of a gnat, goofed off and had to be herded in by poor, tired Dong-wook like elementary kids on a field trip and their teacher. To top that off, Jackson and Young-ji had a little spat, fighting just like dogs and cats, but when they need each other that’s when they’re ruff and ready (I know all the old cartoon jingles). Jackson: “I acknowledge that my Korean is bad, I am short, and ugly.” Young-ji: “When did I say that?” Arguing and ribbing continued like that until Dong-wook sent them off together to make up over shaved ice and snacks.  roommate 2 ep 8 young ji

Young-ji offered a handshake of peace.

roommate 2 ep 8 1roommate 2 ep 8 kimchiroommate 2 ep 8 2









Back at the house, Choi Hong Man showed up as a  guest. It was a good thing because they could really use his great big hands for the kimchi making effort, although he pointed out that past visitors enjoyed a bit more pampering. He’s right about that. Hong Man has been on several variety shows lately and has earned the title of gentle giant and good sport. With no effort he swooped up Sunny, Nana, Ryohei, and even attempted to pick up Gook-ju with a bit of a struggle. I was amazed at how many tubs were needed to wash, grate, and prepare the ingredients for kimchi. Hong Man worked harder than anyone crushing garlic, splitting apples by hand, slicing onions, and grating radish.

They did all that outside. When the market shoppers arrived, the whole project was moved indoors to make the chili paste sauce to coat the cabbage. Making kimchi isn’t easy. Emergency calls to moms went out: Gook-ju asked her mom how much chili to put in (50 portions)! The saltiness must have been toxic judging from everyone’s response after tasting their product. Sunny asked her mom how to cut the saltiness (radish paste). Nine hours of non-stop work to make the kimchi, and the result? Everyone tasted it and said, “It’s good.” Finally, a beautiful, large earthen urn was filled with the kimchi and buried in the backyard for proper aging.  Success. Way to go, teeaammm Roommate!

Ahhhh, time to eat. Hong Man was nearly beside himself with hunger, and Dong-wook whipped up some pork to make lettuce wraps with the kimchi. Ding dong. Another guest arrived. Hong Jin-young, the charming trot singer, joined them. She entertained them with her famous Love Battery trot hit. It was at least the third episode that Ryohei sang There’s Nothing Wrong With My Age, this time as a duet with Jin-young.  The trot rookie met the goddess of trot, and he passed with her approval. Time for a cute battle – whose cuteness can get to Hong Man? Jin-young, who has mastered aegyo with a capital A, went first with applause and squeals from the very responsive audience. Sunny’s bbuing bbuing emoticon moves topped the squee charts, but Young-ji’s gwyiomi bombed. It’s okay, Young-ji, just chalk it up to the age gap.

Gook-ju showed up at the radio studio at 8:00 a.m. to fill in as DJ for K. Will’s Young Street talk show. It was her first time, but she nailed it as DJ with a little help, that is. Kang-joon surprised her with a live fan phone call and then showed up in person to join her on the air. It was a fun double DJ experience together and they were cute.

roommate 2 ep 8 kang joon

roommate 2 ep 8 goo ju


Sharing a meal after their successful DJ show.




It has been a while since Roommate closed with Lee Dong-wook’s Midnight News. There was random chaos, no surprise, with the line-up. Joon-hyung was grilled about his girlfriend who, to everyone’s dismay, he revealed on another show and not on Roommate. For once, Joon-hyung kept it short and was a bit reserved about it all. Make your mother happy, Joon-hyung. You’re 46. Just get married. Even at midnight, Gook-ju, Jackson, and Young-ji were hyper and all over the place with silly potty talk. It was too much for the sensible and low key Dong-wook to take. He bid everyone goodnight with “Our new members are so loveable.” Yes, they are. See you next week!

p.s. We missed you, Min-woo!




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