Roommate season 2 episode 7 – Korean Reality Show

I think I know what happened. What was meant for the  cutting room floor mistakenly ended up as this week’s episode.roommate 2 ep 7 cut

The person who saved this episode was Ryohei. I had to work hard to put together some thoughts since the show wasn’t very full this week. It was tricky to identify a few bright moments. Diehard fan that I am, I am barely hanging on by a thread.

You’re toxic. After spray painting graffiti in their bedroom, Kang-joon and Jackson slept on the couch. Fumes.  roommate 2 ep 7 paint





Next morning, it was play time. The big boys headed for Incheon to skateboard at a park. Skateboard master Joon-hyung provided some basic demonstrations, but the guys were pretty decent already. Always up for a little competition, Se Ho and Jackson raced against Ryohei and Joon-hyung. Loser Ryohei got a  head thump, but later got revenge on free-style relay losers Jackson and Se Ho with a powerful two-finger forearm slap. Ouch. Jackson was whining and being all weak, and “curse word” -ing when he got his slaps.  Such a goo goo baby.

roommate 2 ep 7 skateboardng

roommate 2 ep 7 skateboard 2









Girls’ Cafe. Hey, cute name for a girls group, right? It was a girls’ date with Gook Joo, Sunny, and Nana. Why does Sunny look so deflated these days, anyhoot? Even Gook Joo commented that she looked tired and thin. The fortune teller didn’t have much good to say. Bummer when bad news costs you. Look at that skeleton card, nooo. It went downhill from there with ominous advice to basically get outta show biz. Sunny, you’re going to have to perk up! Gook Joo tried to get info on her and Ryohei, but it was a no-go. Phone calls to male friends Taecyeon and Jun Hyun Moo fizzled. Fail. Everyone is lonely these days. roommate 2 ep 7 girls

roommate 2 ep 7 sunny 2











roommate 2 ep 7 beatbox    At home  hip hop Jackson was doin’ JYP style all over the place. Kang-joon’s unique wave skills were totally him and awesome. Young-ji was in sync per usual. She may be underestimated because of her maknae status, but I like what I see in her and think she’s talented and a team player with sparkle. She was fascinated by Jackson’s beatbox talent which really was quite impressive. An impromptu group sound effects session was fun.   Min-woo’s face popped on the screen for a nano second. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Also, a Star Wars visitor joined…oh, never mind, it’s just Joon-hyung buried deep in a hoodie. No need to remind him to relax and feel at home. ♥ u PJH *waves*




There were some heart-to-heart moments with Jackson sharing his story with Jong Ok and Sunny about coming to Korea as a JYP trainee. It was cool that he met his dad’s challenge to rank #1 in fencing in order to pursue singing and dancing. He hadn’t been back to see his family in two years and missed his mom. I love it when a guy misses his mama’s TLC.  roommate 2 ep 7 jackson roommate 2 ep 7 2








roommate 2 ep 7 1Ding dong. Se Ho’s long-time friend and King of Trot, Park Hyun Bin, stopped by. Ryohei had never heard of him or his songs which didn’t go over very well, but – and here’s the best part – Ryohei donned a shiny gold  jacket and, with his signature sword in hand, performed, I Don’t Care About My Age. Park Hyun Bin was genuinely impressed. Somehow Se Ho sneakily nominated himself as Ryohei’s agent for booking performances. I think Ryohei does fine on his own, thank you. He is loosening up a bit on Roommate and his entertainment value is appreciated. By me.

roommate 2 ep 7 dong wook 1And last and least, roommate 2 ep 7 dong wookDong-wook got a late night visit at the filming site from pseudo super heroes Se Ho, Gook Joo, and Jackson (how is he practically in every shot in every segment?) The night owls surprised Dong-wook between shooting scenes for his kdrama, Blade Man, to cheer him on. It seemed kind of awkward. Doesn’t Dong-wook look as tired as Sunny?  Even a cheery Mickey Mouse sweater can’t hide the fatigue. I am feeling sad for both of them; why does it look like they are losing their oomph? We’re rooting for you, roommate cast. Fighting!


5 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 7 – Korean Reality Show

  1. I love Girl’s Cafe.. having Gook Joo around really helps otherwise the whole outing will be flatter than a lebanese bread. I wish Sunny & Nana the best with their love life. Poor idols…

    Need a rewatch cos i totally missed Jackson’s chat with Sunny & Jong Ok.

    Anyway, is it really a B-cut? I find it quite ok so far, maybe cos my expectation very low..


    • Hi Elise, thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought the snippets this episode were a bit weak in entertainment value and roommate interaction. It was pitiful when the girls made the phone calls that Lebanese breaded – ha ha. Poor Dong-wook at 4 a.m. doing a shoot, he looked dead tired, didn’t he? It didn’t show the roommates bringing him food, he could have used the nourishment for some stamina. Anyhoot, I hope they are having fun on the show and as long as it’s on, I’ll keep watching. It reminds me of Barefoot Friends, there were 26+ episodes, and the ratings were low, but I watched every one.


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