Roommate season 2 episode 6 – Korean Reality Show

I fully admit that, although I continue to watch Roommate, it does leave me underwhelmed more often than not. I am content to take it for what it is and enjoy the roommate bonding moments as the rest of the show goes by. This week’s stories felt a bit incomplete and jumped around without a lot of substance. Still, a few things stood out with lots of cute Jackson flips, Young-ji laughs, and Kang-joon’s starstruck deer-in-the-headlights moments upon meeting veteran actor Lee Soon Jae.

The roommates decided to learn Taekkyon together. Joon-hyung, Gook Ju, Nana, Young-ji, Se Ho, and Jackson received instruction and watched demonstrations before warming up and trying a few moves. The instructor explained that Taekkyon is one of Korea’s intangible cultural aspects, so I did a little research on this form of martial arts. Here is a link that gives a brief history of Korean martial arts style Taekkyon.

roommate 2 ep 6 1  roommate 2 ep 6 taekkeyon



roommate 2 ep 6 2




Young-j is amazingly flexible!


roommate 2 ep 6 taekkeyon






There isn’t anyone quite as charming as Lee Soon Jae whose acting career began in 1956. Jong Ok and Sunny went to Dongsung-dong – a cultural arts district –  to see him as the lead in the play, Golden Pond, with actress Na Moon Hee. Jong Ok invited him to the house for dinner where everyone scurried about, unsure how to act or what to say to the renowned visitor. The massage equipment that Young-ji randomly hauled downstairs created more chaos, but in this household, things like that seem to happen a lot. Se Ho opened a can of worms and asked Soon Jae to rate the guys on looks: Se Ho, 70; Joon-hyung, 80; Ryohei, Kang-joon, and Jackson, 90. That’s about right. Soon Jae rolled with the punches and humored the houseful of actors, idols, and celebs with stories of his life and words to live by. His aura is undeniable and amazing. He left the roommates with his philosophy on life:

The fundamentals of success are:

Courage, knowledge, and generosity.

Of these the best is generosity.

~Lee Soon Jae~

I like that.

roommate 2 ep 6 lee soon jae 2roommate 2 ep 6 lee soon jae








roommate 2 ep 6 massage

Jackson gives Soon Jae a massage

roommate 2 ep 6 kang joon








Let’s see, what else happened? Kang-joon and Jackson decorated their room with some stenciling and graffiti spray painting. It turned out pretty decent.

roommate 2 ep 6 room

Cucumber escaped from her pen and wandered into Nana’s room. Do I have to say again how uncared for this little pup appears to be? I know it’s a show, and maybe my expectations of pet care are a bit different than what I am seeing here, but I can’t help but think that  a calmer place to live would be better for little Cucumber.



It is the year of comebacks for the first generation idol groups and singers. G.o.d.’s 15 year anniversary reunion concert attracted 40,000 fans – I was impressed! “roommate 2 ep 6 concert 1Fan girls Min-woo, Kang-joon, and Se Ho showed up backstage in  lighted sky blue headbands – the band’s color – in support of Joon-hyung. They presented hi with flowers and joined the many glow-stick bearing fans for the concert. Such good guys! The fans even made Joon-hyung choke up. Hey, Joon-hyung, at 46 it must be nice to know you’ve still got it. Baamm!


roommate 2 ep 6 reunion







roommate 2 ep 6 pic


roommate 2 ep 6 concert














It was a happy time around the dining room table with everyone present as they guessed at baby pictures and shared high school mug shots and stories. It feels full when all the roommates are gathered around. See you next week!

roommate 2 ep 6 ryohei baby pic


Ryohei then and now.




roommate 2 p 6 high school  Park Joon Hyung, high school (center) . I don’t know what to say.


6 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 6 – Korean Reality Show

    • Hi aigooyobo ~ thanks. The posts are my bias and rather short, but it’s fun to talk about the show’s craziness and off-the-wall format. I like the crew this time around, they’re fun. Hope you get to catch up with the episode soon!

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    • btw – I see you are recapping What Happened to My Family? I saw the cast on Happy Together, but I haven’t watched it, yet. Do you recommend starting it?


      • The story line builds on itself, you can start from anywhere I recap, if you see the need to watch that episode. However,if you really want to understand where the characters are coming from and you want to feel the emotions of watching a weekend drama, go right ahead an do, well if you have the time to :). Overall, you don’t have to start from episode one to get right into the show.

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    • Glad you enjoy them, museofmanymasks. I admit they are pretty biased on my part, and end up more as summaries than recaps, but it’s fun to post the highlights and pictures and share with fellow roommate junkies. So thanks, and stop by often. Fighting! \/


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