Roommate season 2 episode 5 – Korean Reality Show

I spotted every one of the roommates at some point in this episode, good job! The show’s new format is divided into mini stories that focus on an event or a person in an attempt to make some sense of what’s going on. Season 2 has set its own rhythm which I attribute to the laid back personalities of the new members. At first I was  afraid that Jackson and Joon-hyung would overpower the show with off-the-wall antics that would quickly grow tiresome. But they all are developing a camaraderie of give and take rather than just a 2-man show. I am relieved. I also learned some things that might come in handy if I am ever a contestant on an international extreme trivia game show.

Story 1 – Jong Ok, Joon-hyung, Sunny, Ryohei, and Jackson headed to Bukjeong Village, the last shantytown in Seoul that is said to be frozen in time. It was a wonderful glimpse into the communal atmosphere of a village on the outskirts of Seoul that has retained the flavor of the 70s. The village has a kitsch-y flare to it, and is definitely on my list of things to see when I visit Korea. The roommates hung out with mostly elderly locals who talked about how the young people prefer  new city apartments to living in the village. They teamed against the village’s renowned Yut players for a lively game that turned competitive with the roommates winning and buying a round of rice wine and snacks for everyone. It looked like they all had lot of fun!

roommate 2 ep 5 wall of Korea roommate 2 ep 5 Yut game


















Story 2 – A luncheon invitation arrived from the Finland Embassy. Gook Joo dressed up in the Korean traditional Hanbok and headed over with Kang-joon, Nana, and Seho. They were greeted by Ambassador Matti Heimonen and his wife, Hilkka, and exchanged a lively hyvaa – hello in Finnish. A champagne toast welcomed them and they also sang happy birthday impromptu style to Kang-joon. Things I learned: Angry Bird is from Finland,  sauna is a Finnish word and every family in Finland has a sauna, and smoked salmon and soft white trout are traditional Finnish fare. They smoked the salmon in a small electric smoker right in the kitchen. I want one of those! Oh, and a summer wife – a cool bamboo roll to sleep with on a hot summer night – was presented to the Ambassador as a Korean gift.  I laughed at the animal sounds contest – who could oink and neigh the best – and, although  Seho and Gook Joo were stiff competition, the charming winner was Ambassador Heimonen. Go figure.

roommate 2 ep 5 finish embassy 3 roommate 2 ep 5 finnish embassy meal roommate 2 ep 5 finish embassy 2roommate 2 ep 5 bamboo wife










Story 3 – Gook Joo was invited with several other celebrities (running into Fly to the Sky made her giddy as a schoolgirl) as guests on the 2014 Baek Ji Young Showroommate 2 ep 5 gook su – That Woman  concert. I’ve got to hand it to Gook Joo who put on an amazing song and dance performance with Ji Young with her version of  “Candy to My Ears.” Ji Young has captured my attention as a judge on this season’s Super Star K6. She also appeared on the Korean variety show,  I Am A Man, and held her own as the only female panelist in a room full of 150 males.





Back at the house, Young Ji prepared a delicacy dinner from Jeolla-do that her parents sent – fermented thornback ray and five-year aged kimchi. But they needed pork, so she and several others took Sunny’s company credit card, which she offered to them, and somehow spent 170,000 won (@$165). Oops. Well, the damage was already done, might as well enjoy the eats. The specialty dish combined boiled pork, thornback ray, and aged kimchi in a lettuce wrap.  It must be pretty potent, and was described by those who ate it as tasting like strong ammonia. Okay ~ I think I’ll pass. Young-ji ate it like a pro, she is so much fun to watch while she eats.roommate 2 ep 5 dinner

roommate 2 ep 5 thornback ray










Such a new taste sensation for Jackson – mmm mmm good.






Coming down the home stretch with story 4 was an acting lesson by Jong Ok. I do believe everyone was present for this segment. Jong Ok started them out with a tongue twister: Min-woo nailed it, Jackson did okay, but Joon-hyung butchered it royally. Too funny. roommate 2 ep 5 romeo and julietNext, it was Korean Shakespeare time.  Jong Ok prepared script scenes from Romeo and Juliet to be performed by couples. Young-ji was impressive, but Romeo Jackson was pretty awful, and even read the stage directions. (Shades of Gag Concert’s idol actor skit.) I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but Seho sported a fake beard to get in the role, and I thought it looked good on him. He and Gook Joo were decent, as expected. Joon-hyung and Sunny – well, picture Joon-hyung’s style and voice reading Shakespeare. Yeah. Poor Sunny worked so hard not to laugh out loud. How can Jackson and Joon-hyung be so bad at acting? Finally, the group did a visualization exercise with eyes closed, which was the funniest part of all.  When it came to “I believe I can fly” Dong-wook was stretched out on the floor, Seho was trailing about the room, Kang-joon was off in lala land – everyone was so into it – making the acting class a huge success.

What did you think of Seho’s fake beard? Should he grow a real one?



27 thoughts on “Roommate season 2 episode 5 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Hey there buds! I like the new chapter format, too. Ditto on your other comments. I was afraid about Jackson and Joon-hyung taking over as well. From the Season 2 trailers I was also afraid about Gook Joo, that her big personality would take over. But what a sweetie she’s turned to be. Fun to see her delight in her new-found popularity, being stars tuck, etc.

    I’ve been wondering who’s narrating it? In first season there was the intro at the beginning, and if I forgot I could look it up at wikipedia — they keep a nice lists of details. But nothing listed for Season 2, and it’s obviously the same person every time. So I’m guessing it’s just a pro voice actor.

    Story 2: Loved it as you did. Very interesting. I do wish they’d shown the story behind Kang-Joon in the traditional Finnish outfit. We only got the photo at the end. I’m guessing it was a gift. So adorable in the cute red vest, black jacket and hat… but then, when isn’t he adorable?

    Story 3: Yick re: fermented ray! LOVED Ryohei expressions.

    With the acting lesson, I wish we could have seen at least one scene with a couple actors. But of course the point was the laughs. Seho’s fake beard? Hmm… not so sure, but it was an adorable homage to Ryohei. Plus I’m a big Seho fan no matter what.

    Gotta get ready for a job interview. Fighting!

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    • I also wondered about the narrator, because I did like how they rotated roommates last season as narrator. Yeah, we didn’t get to see anything about Kang-joon all dapper in his Finnish outfit. He IS always adorable, isn’t he? Even though there were 4 different stories, this episode seemed to go by so fast! I agree that Gook Joo is very likeable, and comes off as truly appreciative and even humble with her new popularity. Did you read a weird rumor that she and Henry might be an item? Low on details, but I saw write-up in a couple of places, not sure about the reliability. Also, how awful is it that Ga-yeon received serious threats from some anti-fan psycho? Give the girl a break – she is awesome and no one should hassle her for – well, anything. I hope the guy gets arrested and fined. Fighting, Ga-yeon! I am always in your corner! The best to you at your interview, revlow! (is it irevlow or revlow?)


      • No, I hadn’t heard about the threats. How awful! And yes… hope he gets fined at the very least. Hadn’t heard the rumor about Gook Joo, either. Interesting.

        I prefer just revlow. Will tell you later about the f’ing hassle.


      • Whoo hoo! Job interview went great. Feel very positive. This was the 3rd interview with this company…. have one more to go, but sounds very informal. She said likely will have decision next week…. thank god. This process has been going on since June 18th! Harrowing, but worth it if I can get this job. Good company, decent pay, benefits, **and** work remotely. (The last is super important to me.) Sigh. Here’s hoping.

        Thanks for the good thoughts. Gotta relax now. Will watch a Kdrama! 🙂

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      • Cray-cray – c’mon people, get a life, huh? I hope Gayeon can move on and this guy still gets fined and jail or probation and a still restraining order. She doesn’t need a jerk-off like him hassling her. At all.


  2. sounds rigorous, but you’ve gotten this far, so yay! I am watching Pride and Prejudice ep 2, really, really like it so far! (after all the whining I did about the name, well, I’m over that since it’s pretty good on its own merit.) Waiting for Abnormal Summit 16 to be subbed.


    • I was surprised how much I liked Pride and Prejudice — like it a lot. I’ve been burned with legal dramas before. But so far so good, plus a little mystery mixed in. Agree…that name! Oy.

      I tried The Legendary Witch over the weekend. Feel like I can safely drop that.


      • It was very good. Just had the finale today. I didn’t go in expecting I would like it… from the sounds of the premise I thought just the opposite. But it was good from Day 1. I’ve seen many people at Dramabeans say the same thing, that it surprised them just how good it was.

        It had several titles and I probably should have used “The Spring Day of My Life”. It’s not the one with Kang-joon; that’s “What Happens to My Family?” or “What’s With This Family”. I’m enjoying that as well. Didn’t think I would, and 50 episodes is a big commitment for me. It’s heartfelt but mostly light, whereas “The Spring Day of My Life” is heartfelt and deeply moving.

        “What Happens to My Family?” does give one the opportunity to be mesmerized by Kang-joon’s face whenever he’s on the screen. 🙂


      • Spring Day was well-written, actors were superb, excellent cinematography and music, etc. It flowed naturally. It also was free of some of the usual tropes… like 2nd leads and potential in-laws weren’t evil, just human. Which is saying a lot. I truly was expecting a soppy melodrama that I’d dump after an episode or two.


    • Other than Yoo-na’s Street, I’ve never invested in a 50 ep drama. But I will keep it in mind as a recommendation, especially when I stay in on those cold winter nights that will be approaching soon.


      • This is a 1st for me. The only time I attempted a longer kdrama (at 37 episodes) was Endless Love. Gave that up after a maybe 7 episodes. Oy.

        I’m going to keep Yoo-na’s Street in my back pocket, keep hearing good things. Boy would **that** be a marathon!

        Spring Days is only 16. If you do try it sometime, keep the hankies ready.


      • Just to be clear, it’s “What Happens to My Family?” — the one with Kang-joon and his pillowy lips — that has 50 episodes. “The Spring Day of My Life” has 16.


      • Thought I should let you know. There is a lot of discussion of My Spring Day in Dramabean’s Open Thread today. You may want to skip over it. Someone did a spoiler without marking it. It sounds like she did it accidentally…. she thought she needed to put the ***s between double angle brackets, which in HTML made them disappear. Poor dear, she feels bad. Anyway if you think you may see My Spring Day at sometime, skip ahead.


      • Oh, thanks. I did see some chat going on, but skipped it since I hadn’t seen it, so good thing you warned me about spoilers. I guess db didn’t recap it? It is on my list to see. Happy Friday!


      • HeadsNo2 recapped Episode 1, and said the same sort of wonderful “I didn’t expect this” comments, but didn’t stick with it; that was the last recap.

        Happy Friday to you too!


      • Oh, good lord. I start each day in Kdrama-land and just looked at the time. It’s 2:30 pm my time (Pacific) and I haven’t even eaten breakfast! What in the world I am going to do if I get this job? Oy vey. No, no, no… first priority: money to eat. Then Kdramas.


      • Hi owl. Just found this photo of Seho in a Finnish outfit. I’d say he was squeezing into Kang-Joon’s outfit, but I don’t think it would be possible and still have it fit this well. Plus there’s another black hat in this shot, though it doesn’t look like the same type. Anyway… cute.

        Watching the raw ep 26. Looks like it will be fun.


    • I hadn’t seen this before, hmmm, I wonder if they’re keeping Seho more low key on purpose. He is on Happy Together on a trial basis as a junior host, he does look a bit trimmer that his heaviest days. Must be keeping up with pilates, I wonder? I am off to watch ep 6 raw, too. Just watched IN2D with Jo Insung – so handsome~


      • Oh, I didn’t know he was on Happy Together. Thanks. I’ve liked that show whenever I’ve seen it. BTW, a few episodes ago the cast of What Happens to My Family was on. They asked Kang-Joon to dance and all he could do was the Kangdashman. That’s it. Even when they showed him more moves. Ha!

        Another thing that’s interesting is when cast members appear on another Korean show and they have no idea who they are. That happened when Seho was a guest on Abnormal Summit. Bupkis, and I don’t think it was because they are foreigners. Happened as well with the new Roommate Season 2 cast members, didn’t seem like some of them had watched much of Season 1. Odd. Guess their managers had said it would be good?

        I saw the episodes of IN2D with Jo Insung. Yes, so handsome it’s ridiculous!


      • I saw the Kangdashman episode of Happy Together – cute. Seho wears a wig and is with a female comedienne who wears the same wig and they are called Carbon Copies. Last week Seo Taiji was on as a guest – it was a very weird set up with only him in the Lat Night Cafeteria with Jaeseok.. I liked it, but it was unusual.


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