Roommate Season 2 episode 4 – Korean Reality Show

While Min Woo was out filming the real kdrama, Modern Farmer, our roommates Sunny, Ryohei, Joon-hyung, and Jackson experienced their own country fun at the lotus root farm.  roommate 2 ep 4 farm tripThey are bringing home the bacon, er, lotus root, for a fall feast for tonight’s company back at the share house.  Donning coveralls, they tromped through the muck and mire and helped harvest leaves and roots – leeches and loaches  included – yuck! (What is a loach exactly, anyway? Joon-hyung says they are different from leeches, BLECH.) These four played together well with plenty of slip-slidin’ away slapstick comedy, but they got the work done, too. Best of all, they gained an appreciation for the toil and care required to produce the long, unbroken roots that bring a decent penny at the market. I gather from a few shows I’ve watched recently that farming in Korea is a dying occupation as the younger generation is not eager to take over the family farm. It’s the old refrain, “Dah-ling I love you, but give me Park Avenue.”

roommate 2 ep 4 jackson farm

roommate 2 ep 4 farm

Back at the house the guests have arrived. The kitchen was bustling, but somehow I missed Mama Shin. It just wasn’t the same without him whipping up a batch of fried rice and peppers. Danny Ahn (another member of g.o.d. and Joon-hyung’s kissin’ cousin in real life) and Chae Yeon (drinking buddy of Ryohei and singer) shared a meal with the roommate group and caught up on whatever. Later, Sunny arrived with Yoona (co-member of Girl’s Generation) and the evening turned into a pretty crazy dance rap fest of mostly oldies but goodies. Let’s par-tay! Jackson didn’t disappoint with his signature flip introduction. I’ve said this before, but Young-ji gets 100 points for giving it her all as the maknae. She works hard to fit in and adds energy to the atmosphere. The 2-man g.o.d. team gave a solid performance of “To My Mother.” Chae Yeon danced to her 10-year-old hit, “The Two of Us,” and the younger idols were not shy to improvise and entertain. Even Seho prepared a Tae-young impersonation – he gets a high five for that!  The generation gap was hilarious with the split at Jackson, Kang-joon and Young-ji over the conversation among the older members about pagers, pay phones, and city phones. Just enter 486 on the keypad for “I love you.” It was an ancient history lesson in communication for the young’uns! Joon-hyung is famous for being frozen in time; a 20-something year-old in a 46-year old’s body. Earth to JH (echo)~

roommate 2 ep 4 yoona roommate 2 ep 4 guests

The guests





roommate 2 ep 4 gif

Even more fun than all that dancing were the drama scenes, especially the Samurai style love triangle. Ryohei can do not wrong when he brings out the swords to defend his love. Mr. Roaring Currents star is  hot stuff these days.

There was a special secret between Ryohei and Sunny, what’s up, you two? Never mind. It’s only about Ryohei’s constipation.  Is it me, or was all the talk about “that” way way tmi?*(Poor guy hadn’t pooped in five days. But thank goodness everything came out okay in the end.) 🙂 Afterwards, Ryohei entertained everyone with his rendition of “What’s Wrong With My Age.”




In an unexpected display of thoughtfulness, Jackson prepared Gook Joo’s bed with a pretty pink set he bought to brighten up her room.

roommate 2 ep 4 jackson bed 2roommate 2 ep 4 fackson making bed Jackson takes the bed apart, makes it up with pink sheets and cover, and adds a special touch – his hat – to the doll that goes on her bed.  rooamte 2 ep 4 jackson bed 3So cute and sweet!







Let’s talk Cucumber. That poor pooch, seems like she is mostly in her small cage, and with that huge yard, can’t someone build a doggie run or a big pen for her? This is the second trip to the emergency veterinarian they’ve shown on the show. I’m not sure a busy household of twelve people is a good fit for our baby Beagle, who is not house trained, either, by the way. The concerned group who accompanied Cucumber to the vet had to leave her there overnight. Her yelps as an IV was inserted in her front leg were pitiful, poor little thing. I vote for a calmer household and a more attentive owner for Cucumber. What do you think?

roomamte 2 ep 4 cucumber







Missing this week were Dong-wook, Min-woo, and Nana except for a brief stint at the very end. The show is divided into section or stories each week. I can’t decide if this helps by focusing on several places and events, or makes the show even less cohesive (if that is possible). Oh well, like I said, mindless entertainment of a variety sort. On a scale of 1-10 I’ll give Roommate 2 – It’s Okay a generous 6 this week.

*tmi – too much information


4 thoughts on “Roommate Season 2 episode 4 – Korean Reality Show

  1. As always, you hit the nail on the head. Love your comments. “Dah-ling I love you, but give me Park Avenue.” Ha!

    “I vote for a calmer household and a more attentive owner for Cucumber. What do you think?” Yes, definitely not the best of circumstances, not the attention she needs, hasn’t even been housebroken… but there is another complication Dong-Wook and the vets all mentioned. Nana, too, as she was giving her a bath. She’s a Beagle! One of the most difficult breeds to deal with. Not called a “Hoover” dog for nothin’. As this vet said, you’ll be back again. I had one and, even with the closest attention, had countless emergency room visits.

    I cringed when I saw Soo-hyun buy a dog — at a flea market no less! And a Beagle? My heart sank for the poor critter.


  2. Hi revlow, I didn’t know that Beagles were a difficult breed, and kind of dismissed that the vet’s comments were just patronizing. So, it’s true, is it? Then double poor doggie, and what was Soo-hyun doing? Well, I guess what practically everyone does when they see a cute animal for sale – they just can’t resist. But, I don’t think the set up is conducive to raising a puppy. Maybe an independent cat, but not a puppy. Anyhoot, just calling it as I see it. Fighting! \/

    p.s. Bumbi just subbed Abnormal Summit 15 – off to watch my favorite groups of expats!


    • Yeah, unfortunately they have some difficult traits, despite their being adorable, loving, and good with kids. And beyond that I wondered just what the hell Soo-hyun was doing getting **any** doggie. Who was going to take care of it? She was getting it so the other people would be responsible, without anyone’s consent? I believe she already knew she was leaving at that point. And a busy household with people coming and going, irregular work schedules, etc.? Duh. Lovely woman, stupid move. On the other hand I can certainly understand wanting to get it the heck out of that damn cage in the flea market. Maybe even a puppy mill dog? Though from what we saw that didn’t seem to factor into her thinking.

      One thing I found really curious was that for the 1st two episodes Cucumber had a noticeable limp. No one mentioned it, at least not that we saw. Not even Dong-Wook’s vet brother-in-law, though I suspect he must have. It was unmistakable. Fortunately she no longer has it. Bless her little good-natured heart.


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