Roommate season 2 episode 3 – Korean Reality Show

Roommate Season 2 What’s everyone up to, anyhoot?  Gook Joo is high stamina whackagoodle entertainment as she dances to in the cameras during dinner. Phew!

roommate 2 ep 3 gook joo

Thank goodness x2 Gook Joo and Joon-hyung got all dressed up and, looking mighty fine, headed off to work. That way we only had to deal with live wire Jackson at the picnic plus two carloads of the other Roommates. There was plenty of fun and cute around the picnic blanket. Jackson and Ryohei’s skills at the Korean game 369 were dismal and they received chase-the-ball punishments. However, Ryohei got revenge as spikemeister on the back end of the losers of volleyball. Okay, enough sitting for Jackson who was flying all over the place as usual, teaching flips and jump spins to willing students. Sunny, Young-ji, and Jang Ok pretty much just laughed at everything the competitive boys did.



roommate 2 epp 3 

Fall picnic under a clear autumn sky.





roommate 2 ep 3 sunny


  Don’t give Sunny coffee, it makes her hyper…too late.


  On the way to the picnic with a lot of en-er-gee!!






roommate 2 ep 3 cucumber

Doesn’t Cucumber look a little bored? At least she got to go along.






I am not sure how Dong-wook  became Oppa to Jackson, Young-ji, and Ryohei on the shopping trip, but it was pretty funny. What was meant to be a stop for a bed cover and food for dinner turned out to be a hopeless herding job as the three baby shoppers wandered off fascinated by anything and everything. Just when Dong-wook got them all in one spot, it only lasted as long as the next distraction. He looked like a tired old man slumped over exhausted, and mumbled, “It’s so hard buying groceries.”   The kiddos looked like bobbing chicks as they chimed in, “Shopping is so much fun!” Were they on the same shopping trip? 

roommate 2 ep 3 dong wook  Dong-wook looks like he’s on his last leg in the grocery store aisle.

roommate 2 ep 3 shopping

The three kiddos all in one place, but not for long!

roommate 2 ep 3 english lesson 

I have to give Joon-hyung credit for his effort in organizing an English lesson for the group. Never mind that it’s LA rapper slang style with plenty of “yo,” “like” and “know what I mean.” With Jackson as his aide, they practiced the English alphabet and a few phrases. Rolling the “r”, forming “l” where the front teeth and gums meet, and working on tricky “g” were pronunciation techniques. Such model students who take turns and applaud each other!

roommate 2  ep 3 english lessons

But the real fun came when they acted out a kdrama-like scenario in English. Jackson (who is adorable without his hat) took the lead and defended his wife, “Kristine,” against a player (Seho) in an ad lib skit. Young-ji was really a good sport and held her own.

Digression: I have to plug Young-ji in  VIXX MV – she only debuted with KARA a month or so ago, so I have to give it to her for being high profile in such a competitive idol market – check it out here –

Nana was a little scarce this episode, but a visit from Ga-yeon, who came to pick up her stuff, was too much for Jackson to handle. So he didn’t, and ran around the house bouncing off walls, collapsing behind the kitchen counter, and hiding. That’s how he shows he’s a fan, I guess. Earlier, he described Ga-yeon as his ideal type to Kang-joon. He couldn’t contain his crush hormones over Ga-yeon. If I were her, I’d be annoyed, but, unlike Jackson,  she remained her mature self, and greeted him and the other roommates. After he checked out his thighs in the refrigerator reflection, he did his “I’m Jackson” flip, then took Ga-yeon’s signature low-kick like a gir…uh…guy.  Joon-hyung wandered out with his electric shaver to his face, and watched.  These boys. Ga-yeon, you’re the best. Ever!

roommate 2 ep 3 jackson ga yeonroommate 2 ep 3 jackson gayeonI, for one, am glad they seem to be downplaying Seho and Nana as a couple (if only for the show) for Nana’s sake. It was too much last season. Other stuff: Food over sleep Jackson was out again in the wee hours of the morning for a midnight snack, the guys made dinner, the gals played on the trampoline. Anyhoot, just watch it, it’s mindlessly entertaining. Sometimes that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


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