Roommate season 2 episode 2 – Korean Reality Show

 Roommate season 2 is a little of this and that.

roommate 2 poster 

Here’s the Roommate shake down. What were their first days together like?


Meet and greet time.  The best introduction goes to Joon-hyung  who was born underneath the same blue sky  as the famous moon landing on July 20, 1969. You’re out of this world, Park Joon-hyung!

roommate 2 moon landing                 roommate park joon-hyung

“M-o-o-n    J-o-o-n.  Know what I’m talkin’bout? Yo.”

Food Over Sleep: It’s 3:42 a.m. and new roomies Jackson and Kang-joon head out for pork belly. Jackson’s hungry and that trumps sleep.

roommate 2 kang joon and jackson      After less than an hour of sleep, Jackson is up at dawn and out the door to meet his schedule. Youth – ya gotta hand it to ’em.

Happy Birthday, Nana! 24 and there’s so much more.The roommates threw together a surprise, but it was nice anyway – dancing, love posters, and a cake – all in good fun. I am a Nana fan after season 1.

Look down here, Nana, a dance in your honor.

   roomate 2 happy birthday nana         roommate 2 ep 2 nana's birthday


roommate 2 nana and cucumber    Bath time, Cucumber. So pretty. Then she pooped on the floor and Joon-hyung stepped in it – oops! Dogs will be dogs.

roommate season 2 suk goo Gook Joo  to Nana over their different shopping habits, , “I don’t get along with skinny girls.” ha! Gook Joo knows how to go with the flow and keep it moving. There’s no down time with her around. That grill contraption she brought sure has come in handy, too.


roommate 2 pilates

Pilates work out is routine for Bae Jong Ok , but Sunny looks less than elegant all tangled up in the straps. Keep trying, Sunny, it will get better.


roommate 2 threesome           roommate 2 young-ji

The youngest roommates Kang-joon, Young-ji and Jackson, are awfully adorable and add plenty of spice and – l-o-v-e.   Young-ji  is quite unique. She performed with a traditional drum as her introduction to the group – she is trying hard. Her silent laugh is a killer. She also eats well, I like her.


roommate 2 seho min-wooThe short and long of it all. Seho and Min-woo.   


roommate 2 Sungbukdong tour  Dong-wook is wearing the smiley shirt that I love. Several roommates took a historic tour of Sungbukdong led by Pumpkin Teacher.


Did I miss anyone? Oh. Ryohei! He is so quiet and shy. I nearly cried when Seho greeted him upon his arrival at the house and he said it had been 15 years since someone’s done that, as he’s lived alone that long. He was touched.  More volleyball time, please. That spike was nice, just nice! 

roommate 2 ryohei

Like I said, a little of this and that. I worked hard to find substance to comment on in this episode. Will the season improve, I wonder? I miss Ga-yeon’s low kick initiation welcome greeting.




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