Roommate – Season 2 episode 1 – Korean Reality Show

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I’ve seen this episode referred to as Roommate Season 2 episode 1 and Roommate episode 21. The new cast showed up and I have to say they are a likable bunch if only for the fact that they are rather wild – which I am sure had something to do with why they were chosen. Actually, the degrees of wildness are a wide range with Park Joon-hyung, Jackson and Guk Joo clearly on the wilder side than Otani Ryohei and Bae Jang Ok. Sunny and Heo Young-ji fall somewhere in between. I am already worried that Min-woo will get lost in the shuffle, but he certainly is looking dapper these days. Somehow he holds his own so let’s hope my worries are unfounded.

Nana was calmly cooking in the kitchen and greeted the guests in an apron like it was her castle. She has been a welcome surprise as one of the more stable roommates in terms of availability and consistency. Nana goes with the flow and gets 100 points for that.  Of the remaining cast from season 1, Nana might be the most capable in the kitchen. Oops,maybe not,  she just burned the egg roll.

Cucumber the Beagle roamed around freely; it didn’t appear that anyone in particular was caring for her (him?) until Kang-joon showed up and took responsibility.  I hope the chaos isn’t too much for our resident puppy.

roommate season 2 cucumber

Gook Ju volunteered that she is blood type B but not bipolar. Oooookay. She came equipped with a personal barbeque for grilling  any time and any place. I am still laughing at Park Joon-hyung calling her Gook Juice.  Joon-hyung is a no-script man-child and proud of it. As Mr. Yo (his standard greeting), Joon-hyung is as hyper as a 46 year-old could possibly be. He described himself as first generation idol to hit 40s, but never mind that, he can easily relate to baby Jackson. Who, by the way, is Mr. Yo’s equal in hyper-ness. I lost count of Jackson’s martial arts jump flip greeting which he insisted on doing even when everyone said don’t bother to again. Loose cannon Jackson is all over the place and must have said he was bored a half dozen times already. Someone is going to have to keep this dude entertained 24/7. (But not by assigning him to wash dishes, Seho. Minus 100 points for that.) By the way, I don’t believe for a minute that Jackson is scared of Nana as he claims.

roommate season 2 suk goo  Suk Goo   roommate season 2 jackson    Jackson


Actor Otani Ryohei is rooming with Joon-hyung. Good luck with that. Otani Ryohei packed two Japanese swords – cool. Used to living on his own, Otani Ryohei could be overwhelmed with things like Guk Soo dancing to the sound of barbeque (she claimed that all on her own), four flower boys, three female idols,  and just the general chaos of 11 roommates.

roommate season 2    Jackson, Sunny, Joon-hyung

roommate season 2 KARA   KARA Heo Young-ji

Sunny from Girl’s Generation seems sunshine-y enough. Sunny is a senior in the world of idols and shows that confidence. Heo Young-ji (KARA) arrived last. She said she gets flak for her laugh, but I like it on her. Poor maknae Young-ji was nervous when she had to get Sunny to come and eat. The idol hierarchy is serious and intimidating I guess. I am glad they’re not roomies because it would be awkward. Veteran actress Bae Jong Ok is the eldest member of the household. She is charming but not stuffy at all and insisted right off the bat that everyone call her Noona. Everyone cheered.

The roommate situation-who’s sleeping with who-got sorted out. Dong-wook, Min-woo, and Seho are together. I’m not sure if their styles will match. Bae Jong Ok and Sunny -I think they’ll have fun together. Nana, Young-ji and Guk Soo will probably care for one another well. Jackson and Kang-joon – Jackson might be a handful for polite Kang-joon. The pressure’s on  to up the ratings with the new mix of celebs. Does anyone think it can happen? Roommates, let’s go!


2 thoughts on “Roommate – Season 2 episode 1 – Korean Reality Show

  1. I’m a little late on the band wagon, just got started. Finished Season 1 and now I’m on to Season 2. hate saying this but I feel like Season 2 isn’t going to be as good. Season 1 just seemed so genuine and relaxed, but still entertaining. It seems like in Season 2, there are so many personalities that aren’t going to work together. I sense that most of the new members only came on to have some camera time and they are acting a certain way because of it.

    Old members – There all fine, acting like themselves. Min Woo is a bit quiet though, but it’s probably cause there are so many strong personalities he falling behind.

    Jackson – He acts like he’s better than a lot of people. Not afraid to be speak his mind, might get him in trouble. He shows off too much. Indeed he probably wasn’t scared of Nana, he was just trying to be a smart ass and act like a 4 year old. Too hyper for my taste. I’m going to have a hard time liking him. I’m glad he speaks proper English though.

    Bae Jong-ok – She seems cool, but I’m having a hard time believing that she is a down to earth, or I guess…hmm…how do I word this. I’m having a hard time believing that she is going to be easy going and not strict. She seems like shes going to be like a strict mother to them. Not going to let them have fun and be a bit bossy. That’s what I’m sensing. Just off the first episode. She seems like shes not going to be very fun. Not like Sora at least.

    Sunny – I like Sunny, she’s very nice and seems fun. I’m not going to lie though, I get the I’m better than you vibe from her. Not in a sense of I’m more famous and people love me more, but more like manner come before fun. So if the members are playing a wacky game she might not participate cause she might feel embarrassed or she might hold herself to a higher standard.

    Heo Young-ji – She’s cool. I mean nothing special. She seems down to earth. Her laughing face might annoy me a bit, but it’s probably cause I don’t understand how someone can laugh with their mouth open that big! I love that she’s very shy and polite. Makes me appreciate her more than if she was like a female version of Jackson. I do feel like that only reason she’s on the show is because her management and company pushed her to build up her fan base since she’s a the new member of Kara.

    Ryohei Otani – He’s very sexy, BUT very invisible too. If it weren’t for the fact that he was sexy and also from Japan. I’d forget he was a member. Like I forget that he’s even there. I do believe that if he was in Season 1 he would of fit in more. But since this Season has more bold and wild personalities, it’s hard to remember him.

    Joon Park – He’s annoying. Always says Whats up and acts as if it’s okay to be disrespectful. I just didn’t like how he was making fun of Lee Guk-joo’s weight like that and laughing. Like saying that everyone has to move over so she can fit or telling her not to dance or whatever. It’s very mean. I hope he learns to me nice to her and not make fun of her. it’s very hurtful.

    Lee Juk-joo – From the moment I saw her I knew she was going to have the hardest time in the house. Whether she cared or not. I’m glad Jackson is nice to her and friendly to her, but all the only roommate seem to laugh at the fact that she’s over weight. Joon Park made fun of her. Jo Se-Ho also did, telling her not to sit on the swing or whatever. Sunny laughed at her eating so much. It’s just I feel like all they are going to do is laugh at her. She’s a comedian and i’m sure that she has had a lot of things happen to her so she covers it up with food and humor. So it’s going to be interesting to hear her story.

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    • Hey Rayanna – welcome! My blog is more of a simple summary rather than a recap, with lots of my opinions interjected throughout. I hope you keep watching because season 2 continues to gel with the mix of personalities. In general, the show hasn’t received very high ratings, so I am not sure the format is unfamiliar to audiences or what. American reality roommate shows are an elimination game, very very different, and cut throat. There are lots of annoying personalities, and I stopped watching them years ago. I LOVE that this is just a show with celebs living together and doing their daily schedules with a few special outings thrown in. Ryohei has become my favorite for all the reasons you mention – he’s sexy and quiet, but when he contributes it is fun. I love his swords the most. I think you will be surprised as you watch more episodes that Gook-ju does well for herself. The biggest surprise is Young-ji – her video with VIXX puts her on another level (I have a link to it in one of the later posts) – I am rooting for her. Pretty much everyone manages to settle in, although it is Joon0hyung’s signature to be off the wall. I think I would last 5 minutes in a room with him. Jackson, too, but I cut them both slack as they are entertaining and have good moments. Jackson is on so many shows these days, he is making his mark early while he’s hot. I always wonder what it would have been like for him to have stayed on the Olympic Fencing Team – I am guessing he gave it up to join GOT7.

      Anyway, I hope you enjoy all of my Roommate 2 posts – thanks for stopping by my blog and adding your thoughts. Join in anytime! \/


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