Roommate episode 19 – Korean Reality Show

Date: I was relieved that Nana and Se-ho’s date was crashed by the 007 Operation Roommate team of Dong- wook, Min-woo, and Chan-yeol. It became a comic event when they showed up spy style at the horror flick (although Se-ho wasn’t laughing). Our idiot secret agents promised they would never do to each other what they did to Se-ho on a date and sealed it with a “promise” cheer. High five for being so immature but funny.


roommate 19 007 operation Roommate                  roommate 19 movies

SBS anchor Jo Jung-sik was the guest at the Roommate household for a trivia quiz to determine bedroom rights among the guys. I was thrilled to spot Ga-yeon if only for part of the episode; for me, she can do no wrong. As quiz master, Jung-sik took it to a professional level with smooth responses for every comment and question shot his way. Stay on your toes, roomies if you want to win this. Did he launch a Se-ho attack or what on a former one-sided crush for announcer Jang Ye Won. Jung-sik wouldn’t let up – more power to him! I am now a hard core Jo Jung-sik fan. (On a side note, Jung-sik made it crystal clear that he is a fan of Soo-hyun and did his best to flirt with her whenever he could. I am totally shipping them.) The teams were KangMin (Min-woo and Kang-joon) versus Dae Baek (Se-ho and Dong-wook). Jung-sik fired no-nonsense questions for several rounds. I was impressed that Dong-wook got the answer to “What do these people have in common: Paul Cezanne, Spinoza, Newton, and Adam?” Answer: apples. The hard part was that he had to explain how apples related to each person. In the end KangMin won with a final slam dunk high scoring answer and got to keep the better bedroom after all.

roommate 19 jo jung-shik


Let’s see, what else happened this week? A challenge by Mama Shin to catch Korean chickens for dinner was random. Chan-yeol, Dong-wook, Se-ho, and Mama Shin donned red tipped gloves that looked like rooster combs and proceeded to chase a flock of chickens around the yard. I am not sure how they managed to catch six and cage them. Will they pluck and clean them too? Watch it for yourself, these crazy men in the chicken yard. So random.

roommate 19 chanyeol                              roommate 19 chicken chase


Remember Ruby, the host to the Roommates in Taiwan? She flew in to visit and was met by Soo-hyun and Min-woo. (Min-woo was left to walk several steps behind the women as the porter while they chatted and caught up. Cheer up, Min-woo.) But it’s time for the highlight of the entire episode – Cucumber! While at the market, they came across puppies for sale and even Roommate treasurer Soo-hyun couldn’t resist. They brought home a puppy and named it Cucumber! So cute! Next week’s preview shows the roommates busy blotting the floor with paper towels and dashing outside with a puppy that is obviously not potty trained. Who cares? Cucumber is the cutest addition ever!


I read somewhere that Roommate Season 2 is in the line-up with some changes, an older cast (what does that mean?) mixed in with some season 1 members who will stay. I hope Mama Shin is a continuing Roommate, but I guess we will have to wait for the official list next month.



2 thoughts on “Roommate episode 19 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Everthing is random in this episode but i dont mind. It’s like you”re flipping thru d channels and stayed on for a bit cos it seems interesting than you move on. Good for someone with short attention span. I honestly ♡ Wookie. And the 007 brothers


    • Dong-wook was kind of behind everything this episode – he is subtle with a dry sense of humor (calling himself the unemployed and unpopular and Se-ho the employed and popular one of their team Dae Baek). Hilarious. For the next season, It’s Okay Roommate. I predict Chan-yeol, Ga-yeon, Kang-joon, will leave. Maybe Dong-wook and Min-woo, too. We’ll see.


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