Roommate episode 18 – Korean Reality Show

3 down 8 to go. Others make themselves scarce. It feels like the show is trying to regroup and recoup after recent departures of Bom, So-ra, and Ga-yeon. This will be short with a few pictures and some thoughts.

This week, the remaining roommates pair off and share events to become even closer. Nana and Soo-hyun travel by bus to Ochang Middle School in Cheongju where Nana attended as a student. Nana hoped to find Mr. Lee, a teacher who inspired and believed in her.

roommate 18 nana           roommate 18 nana and soo hyun   While they found Nana’s school records, they were informed that Mr. Lee had

transferred to a high school. Off they went in search of Mr. Lee, who they found, and he and Nana had a touching reunion. But the real interest for Mr. Lee was Soo-hyun. It was kind of cute: Mr. Lee – age 36 and Soo-hyun – age 34.  He summed it up nicely when asked by the show staff if she can contact him, “I’m always open to it. Rock ‘n roll.” Mr. Lee is pretty cool. It was the highlight of this segment, maybe even the entire show.

Min-woo and Kang-jun  get to play all they want so how hard is that? The two of them headed to the water to go wake-boarding. Never mind that on the way they didn’t get many questions right on the compatibility quiz. Who cares what the other’s blood type is, anyway? Min woo scored big time getting up on the board in the water, but poor Kang-joon failed which hurt his competitive pride. A walk down nostalgia lane took them to Lee Min-woo’s (Shinhwa) sister’s bar where Park Min-woo once worked as a struggling model. Min-woo shared some hard times stories and gave credit to Lee Min-woo for encouraging and keeping him going until his debut in Flower Boys Ramen Shop. We love both Roommate flower boys!

Dong-wook and Se-ho met up with their sisters and families for lunch. They shared a few stories from their childhood and some laughs, but really, there wasn’t much going down.

roommate 18 dong wook and sister


Sung-woo had to go it solo since Chanyeol was on tour. He and some biker buddies headed to their club for food and drinks. The end. Oh, wait, one of his buds who came back to the house with him also has a serious crush on Soo-hyun. That makes two random dudes who only see hearts when she enters the room. Go Soo-hyun. I think.

foommate 18 mama shin

Show, you’re going to have to up the ante and fast – maybe a charity competition between teams to raise money, a talent show for charity with cool friends to rev up the party, attending cooking school, learning to ski – I dunno, but this episode was filler. I can let it go this time and with low ratings, I’m obviously a die hard fan, but do you have a direction at this point, or is it fly by night from here on in?  Think about it, if at episode 18, the roommates are still doing greet and meet events, how will bringing in three completely new people work? Or is that what a sharehouse is all about?


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