Roommate episode 17- Korean Reality Show

Even if the path is difficult, go down it with a smile.

That motto, which was passed on to Ga-yeon by WBC world champion Chang Soo Hong , could be the title of this week’s Roommate episode. Ga-yeon, our sweet but tough 21 year-old roommate, continues to impress with her determination, fighting spirit, and thoughtful presence. Last week I posted the MMA fight in its entirety (see Roommate 16). But we backtrack this week to the important and tense days leading up to Ga-yeon’s debut.

Dong Wook and Se Ho took a trip with Ga-yeon down memory lane to her childhood hometown on Jeju Island. On a hike up Mount Halla, we got to see a sentimental side of Ga-yeon as she opened up about how her father raised her to be an athlete like him. Dong Wook and SeHo were refreshingly supportive of her. It felt like they all got just a little bit closer and I was thankful to them for cheering on Roommate’s maknae as she prepared to face her new and biggest challenge – the MMA debut fight.

roommate 17 Song ga yeon hometown Jeju Island “Enjoy yourself, Song Ga-yeon” was their joint fighting chant across the sea.

Ga-yeon’s training team and coach were also extremely caring for Ga-yeon as she worked hard until the last moment to achieve her necessary fight weight of 47.5 kg. Go Ga-yeon! She weighed in behind a towel, stripping off her clothes to make the weight, which she did it at 47.45 kg. As the only female on the team it seemed as though her teammates and coaches often treated her as one of the guys. However, in her final push before her debut, there were moments of brotherly care, concern and tenderheartedness for their female counterpart.

roommate 17 weigh in

Back at the house, the roommates were single-minded in preparing a meal that would provide Ga-yeon with stamina. Chef Kang-joon prepared octopus soup to everyone’s amazement. Sous chef Soo-hyun prepared Caprese salad, and baker Nana mixed up brownies in the rice cooker. Is that even right? When Ga-yeon showed up, Nana led everyone in an addictive dance around the living room that ended with messages of encouragement and love for Ga-yeon. The guys were especially into it – so cute! My heart overflowed with gratitude for the good, strong support Ga-yeon is receiving all around.

In this way, Roommate has been especially good for her in that she has new friends who really do care about her, her MMA debut got additional promotion, and the show is darn lucky to have her on it. Ga-yeon is a star in her own right.  (Oh, and everyone said the brownies were a success after all. Huh.)

Bravo, Roommates, for taking such good care of our Ga-yeon. That’s what having roomies is all about.

MMA debut time: Song Ga-yeon vs. Emi Yamamoto

roommate 17 Road FC 027 poster

roommate 17 tearing up Dong Wook and Se Ho can’t help tearing up as they watch the fight

roommate 17 gayeon winner Song Ga-yeon declared the winner!

roommate 17 gayeon victory Ga-yeon, we are so proud of you – fighting! \ /



2 thoughts on “Roommate episode 17- Korean Reality Show

  1. I think think rice cooker as a bake function, like mine and the brownies is more of a chewy fudge. Looking at the amount of chocolate dumped in, it must be really awesome.
    Roommate is awesome, Gayeon is ofcourse the most awesome.. congrats maknae.

    Did u noticed she has also develop a variety show sense?


    • I just read that Ga-yeon is leaving Roommate, too, to pursue her MMA career. That leaves the girls room at that end of the house totally empty – wah! So sad she is leaving. I’m not sure Roommate will survive the departures, what do you think?


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