Roommate episode 15 – Korean Variety Show

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Part 2 ~ Roommates on vacation

Why did this episode seem so long? There were a lot of events crammed in this hour from the hot springs, Team Taiwan’s 007 mission to break Chan-yeol out of the hotel (did they?), an owl cafe, a fan meet-up. But I am getting ahead of myself so I’ll start with the easy-going Team Osaka.

Shin-woo arranged for his group (Min-woo, Kang-joon, Ga-yeon) to stay with longtime fan, Ms. Yang Jeeng Sook, and her family. There were three generations of Shin-woo fans who gathered in the family’s restaurant to meet and eat with the Roommates. Oh, wait! Dong-wook flew in to party with Team Osaka.  Delicious food and beer (the restaurant is famous for okonomiyaki – Osaka’s local dish) kept coming all night.  Shin-woo obliged the host’s request to sing a song for old time’s sake.  Such a good guy, he made them very happy with a personal performance. Is it just me, or has Shin-woo gotten more laid back than he was in the beginning of the show? The excellent hospitality was thoroughly appreciated by the guests who eventually crashed in a large room above the restaurant.

roommate 15 dong wook

Team Taiwan (Se-ho, SoRa, Soo-hyun, and Na Na) headed to Chan-yeol’s hotel to bust him out for an evening on the town. Well, sort of. There were some serious body guards to get past first! Inside Chan-yeol’s hotel room Se-ho pulled out a bag of ridiculous disguises that were ultimately nixed. I’m sure it is typical that celebrities don’t get out much when they are on tour in a foreign country, and Chan-yeol explained they aren’t allowed out for fear of fan mobs and disturbances. Still, he wanted fresh air and to go to a market like ordinary people. While the Roommate women created a small commotion in the lobby, Se-ho and Chan-yeol sneaked out the backdoor and into a taxi. In the end, Chan-yeol got to sit on a stool in a neighborhood convenience store window with a cold drink and enjoy a few short moments of ordinary life in Taiwan. It was better than nothing, right? Actually, I’m not sure it was, but Chan-yeol took a photo to commemorate the occasion and, well, that was that.

roommate 15 chanyeol             roommate 15 chanyeol disguises

Next morning, Team Osaka headed for the hot springs and spa. Ga-yeon, the group’s treasurer, checked the prices and purchased the tickets for everyone – 850 yen/person. The four handsome men played palm push and water slap games in the outdoor springs while Ga-yeon enjoyed a luxurious soak in the private indoor iron pot pool. They all met up for the sauna, telling Ga-yeon they were doing it for her to lose weight for her MMA debut coming up soon. But when it was time to pay they were shocked at the cost – 17500 yen – what?!! only to realize that Ga-yeon’s indoor tub was an expensive family suite that she used alone. Poor Ga-yeon! She totally deserved a little pampering and the guys really didn’t mind even though they teased her a bit.


roommate 15 hot springs

Shin-woo prepared a gift for the host family and cute Ms. Yang jokingly held Dong-wook back as her new son-in-law. This team really seems to be enjoying their vacation. They happened upon an owl cafe (What’s that? you ask) which was the oddest shop filled with, um, owls. (A side comment: I am familiar with Birds of Prey foundations in the States that rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured birds and abandoned babies. If, due to debilitating injuries, birds cannot be released back into its habitat, they are sometimes used for educational presentations. But I had never heard of owl cafes before this. Out of curiosity and concern I looked into the concept a bit and read up on ethical issues and that most countries don’t allow the captivity of creatures for such businesses.) While the Roommates took some cute pictures, the chained owls inside a building were pretty sad to see.

roommates 15 owls

 Back at the Taiwan household, Ruby introduced her parents David and Alice to the Roommates, and they shared a breakfast spread made by David.Na Na, So Ra, and Soo-hyun went to Jiufen and found the tea house where Chihiro worked in Spirited Away (a very cool Japanese animated fantasy film). The lanterns along the streets were so pretty.

roommate 15 spirited away

With only one day’s notice, Se-ho was super lucky beyond words that extremely handsome and cool music producer and entertainer Kong Ling Qi agreed to put on a fan meeting for him. If you recall last week, Na Na contacted Kong Ling Qi through her agency and Se-ho annoyingly tagged along when they met at a coffee shop. Se-ho wanted to promote himself with a fan meeting in Taiwan and Mr. I’m The Man Kong offered to help pull it off. (Actually he did it all – venue, SNS promo, sound system, body guards, interpreter, posters, transportation, MC – yep, all of it.) I’m still miffed that he didn’t get a-l-o-n-e time to meet and talk to Na Na. Heck, how does Na Na put up with tag-along and take-over Se-ho, anyway? In the end, 2500 fans showed up with their love for You From Another Star and Roommate (I saw a lot of Na Na signs, too). Se-ho got the attention he wanted, pushy and self-promoting as he is, and the fans – well, they were great. Na Na, So Ra, and Soo-hyun showed up at the last minute for some fan appreciation and at least brightened up the stage.

roommate kong ling qiroommate 15 seho

Looks like we’re in for part 3 of the 100-day Roommate vacation next week. Here are my ratings for this episode:

Shin-woo – 10 for being such a gentleman with the Japan hosts and roommates.

Ga-yeon – 9.5 for always making the room light up. She must be under tremendous pressure with her debut a week away, and she is so composed and agreeable. I love her ♥

Chan-yeol – 9 for being so naively happy with a trip to the convenience store as his night out in Taiwan. Poor baby, but he looked good on those drums!

Na Na – 9 for being the fans’ real star.

Min-woo, Kang-joon, So Ra, and Soo-hyun – 8.5 all around for making the trip work. None of them was really featured this episode but they had good team spirit.

Dong-wook – 8 for showing up, now the gang’s all here.It must have been hard to travel himself and adapt to the surroundings so quickly.

Se-ho – 6.5 so annoying! There was a teeny tiny part of me that couldn’t help but get that he needed this boost for his self-image. But honestly, poor Na Na, she doesn’t need him riding her coat tails. At all. How did this happen that he gets so much air time? I want to see more of the other roommates.




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