Cimitoons: Do You Watch korean drama?

Cimitoons 2 ready

faith cartoon


2 thoughts on “Cimitoons: Do You Watch korean drama?

  1. Cimi, I love love love this cartoon of you and your brother watching “City Hunter”! And of course eating ramen. Watching dramas always makes me want to eat ramen. Is it because it’s really fast? Or just really Korean? I wish I could get my brother and sister on board. Can’t believe I have a sister who doesn’t like romantic comedies. Jinja?!?

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    • Thanks, Odessa Jones. Well, it’s few and far between that we watch. But when we do, it’s fun. However, I do like to have control of the fast forwarding (ff) and stuff like that, which I can’t do when I watch with someone. And we never marathon, 2 episodes at the most. So it is WAY slower that I watch myself. For every 1 I watch with him, and watch 20, no – 35, myself. 🙂 Watching kdramas does put one on the mood for ramen, right? I’m rolling around cimitoon ideas in my head, more kdrama fun!


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