Roommate episode 14 – Korean Reality Show

Are you ready for more ramblings and ratings for this week’s Roommate episode? A 100-day celebration for our Roommates sends them on a trip for 3 days and 2 nights. Congrats for sticking it out so far (well, most of them, anyhoot). There are 2 teams and 2 destinations.  Team Osaka is Mama Shin, Kang-joon, Min-woo, and Ga-yeon. Let me just say up front that this team has plenty of highlights. Team Taiwan is So Ra, Na Na, Soo-hyun and Se-ho which is not nearly as cohesive a combination as the other group. The roommates had to scare up their own lodgings and made calls to their connections. What’s that? No hotel? Pass. Sleeping arrangements of sorts fell into place, at least in theory.

Team Osaka had it together. No surprise. I loved watching them tour Osaka and take care of each other. Highlight 1 ~ Mama Shin unexpectedly had fans waiting for his arrival at the airport. He is a big hit in Japan and his fans showed their love for him. Go Sung-woo! Kang-joon used his Japanese language app with much success and navigated the group to their locations.


Highlight 2 – Ga-yeon and the guys met up with world super flyweight champion boxer Hong Chang Soo at his restaurant where he treated them to a meal. (Poor Ga-yeon stuck to her diet of banana and “grass” to make her weight for her MMA debut in a few days.) The roommates gave him a present of Raspberry Wine known for its stamina boosting properties. After everyone admired Mr Hong’s WBC belt, Ga-yeon tried it on for the energy of a champion and felt honored. When she asked him for advice he replied, “The most important thing is to be victorious over the fight against yourself.” Words of a champ.

I just love how the guys protect Ga-yeon and are impressed by her. She deserves it. Mr. Hong  took them to his gym and taught Kang-joon and Min-woo  the basics in the ring and they went a few rounds each. Ga-yeon previously injured her shoulder and stayed on the sidelines, doctor’s orders, until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Feeling that she would regret missing the opportunity, she joined Hong Chang Soo in the ring and soaked up the specific pointers he gave her. The roommates watched on the side with appreciation for the master/apprentice moment. Ga-yeon was visibly moved and admitted that her morale had been boosted by the advice from the champion boxer.  I could have watched Team Osaka all day long.

Group Taiwan is on the way  to their destination. Se-ho takes a group pic and posts it on his SNS in hopes of a fan crowd at the airport. A few fans were there, and Se-ho received his first fan sign. Soo-hyun was proactive in finding directions and transportation. She is good at that.

The group found the house of their Taiwan host, Ruby, who speaks Chinese, Japanese, English, and some Korean. She is very personable. There were back and forth introductions with the Roommates in various languages. Se-ho made a big ol’ guest blooper by making himself too comfortable without being invited into areas of the home, and irreverently laid on the floor in what turned out to be the family’s Buddhist memorial. Big ugh, Se-ho. One of several more to come, I might add.

Na Na’s company arranged for her to met up with a Taiwanese entertainer, Kong Ling Qi. She called him to meet at a coffee shop. The second big “Ugh, no!” was when Se-ho pushed his way to tag along even though Na Na said several times she’d go alone.  Awkward. Annoying. Overbearing. Meant to be funny? Don’t think so. I’m being nice, here. I am guessing the show thinks it is good for ratings for Se-ho to hoard over Na Na, get way into her space, and bask in her limelight.  I don’t see how it benefits Na Na, it is totally one way. He steals her light and is getting pushier, if that’s possible. I feel sorry for Na Na and frankly, Soo-hyun and So Ra, too, because the gals could have had fun with Kong Ling Qi chatting at the coffee shop. Now that would have been a blast.

Taiwanese Star Jeffrey Kung Chooses After School’s Nana Over Jun Ji Hyun on “Roommate”

They met up at a very nice bistro bar (the other guy is an interpreter). Kong Ling Qi was generous with compliments to Na Na, obviously thrilled to meet her in person. I really wish they could have met without Se-ho to talk professionally. Mr. Kong is a music producer, winner of the 2014 Best Producer Award, and a fan of Orange Caramel (Na Na is his favorite). Mr. Should-Not-Have-Been-There continually butted in. Why? Who is he to interfere with their conversation? It was so not cool. Na Na and Ling Qi tried to talk  about learning Chinese/Korean, but Se-ho was embarrassingly rude. Na Na was generous to promote Se-ho for his minor role in You From Another Star, and Ling Qi politely pointed out that the kdrama was a huge hit in China.*

How the conversation turned to creating a fan meet-up for Se-ho I will never know, but push and shove produced just that for the following evening. Bah humbug. Na Na and Ling Qi are on a whole different level of professionalism in the music entertainment arena, and I wish it would have turned into something else sans Se-ho. *big sigh*

Meanwhile, Ruby took Soo-hyun and So Ra to a famous Buddhist temple where they had their fortunes told. It was a pretty low key portion of the episode. When they met up with Na Na and Se-ho, they headed for an evening of night life with lots of food stalls and shopping.

Oops! I guess it couldn’t be helped, but Se-ho lost his phone and we were subject to a long, boring, stretch of waiting at the police station to track down the taxi. Super sized suh-nore~zzz! I felt sorry for So Ra who was patient, but it did not look like she or Soo-hyun were having a bit of fun on their short trip.

The teaser is that Chan-yeol/EXO are performing in Taipei and Group Taiwan will get to go to his concert. Hold on to that drop of hope, female roommates. I’m sure if he can, Chan-yeol the gentleman will make it up to you and your trip will not be ruined.

* In the planning stage for the trips earlier at the Roommate house, Se Ho had talked about his fans and wondered if he had many in Taiwan. He talked about his popularity, and even Mama Shin said he didn’t know how to respond to Se Ho’s self-promotion.


My ratings for episode 14:

Ga-yeon – 10 – for her sincerity and hard work which impresses everyone. She is a jewel.

Mama Shin – 9.5 – for genuine appreciation of fans at the airport. So adorable. You’ve still got it, Sung Shin-woo!

Na Na – 9.5 – for being cool.

Kang-joon – 9 – for keeping up so well and for being such a doll.

Min-woo – 8.5 for perking up, for his boxing skill in the ring that was fun to watch.

So Ra – 8 – looked uncomfortable much of this episode, but her reserved nature is an asset in unpleasant situations. I want her to have fun, but the trip set-up is turning out to be stressful.

Soo-hyun – 8 – was kind of hyper, but jumped in to navigate her group. She looked stressed at the police station, but was composed. I felt sorry for her.I hope the rest of the trip is easy going and fun.

Se-ho 6 – for unfairly bugging Na Na and stealing her limelight. The comments he made at the coffee shop were rude. I can’t believe how nice everyone there was to him, but again – they are professional and it showed.

(Chan-yeol, Dong-wook – is he even on the show anymore – were not there.)

Later ~ more next week!





2 thoughts on “Roommate episode 14 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Haha, SeHo at it again? As in being obnoxious.. i stopped when they reach their host’s home – so far so good, i think
    Based on your review i just cant wait to continue just to see if it’s really that bad.


    • Don’t you think it’s just plain unfair to Na Na that Se Ho is so overbearing and in her business? So annoying. I am liking her more and more and him less and less.


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