Roommate episode 13 – Korean Variety Show

roommate 13 everyone pic

Today’s episode was a little schizophrenic but there were no big controversies to work through. I didn’t mind the time spent on Baekhyun’s visit to the Roommate palace. I’m sorry, but I laughed so hard when Mama Shin made tomato and cucumber fried rice extra special for  their guest. Poor Baekhyun admitted he hates the smell of cucumber and left them in a pile at the bottom of his bowl.^^

Thank goodness Chan-yeol and the bungee jumping crowd arrived so the party could begin. Baekhyun entertained the group with a short ditty from the newly opened musical Singing In the Rain. Next, his impression of Kim Hye Soo’s line, “I can shoot, I can shoot” (Tazza) had everyone rolling on the floor.  As expected, our EXO idols taught the group dance steps from Overdose which were tricky, but they made it look easy and fun. Chan-yeol has some serious eye baggage going on. Get some sleep, you must need it badly, poor Chan-yeol.

roommate 13 baekhyun collage                                              roommate 13 baekhyun ga-yeon                                                   roommate 13 baekhyun signature

Of course, the best was Ga-yeon’s choke hold on Baekhyun who lasted less than a second. Ga-yeon is the real thing.

Sora wasn’t kidding when she told Seho that pilates would help him lose 10kg, and they met up at the equipment-filled studio of her instructor. Thank goodness Min-woo joined them and provided some eye candy. Earlier, Kang-joon caught Min-woo on video in the shower and Min-woo quickly pointed out that he would have abs in a month. Kang-joon, please check on that for us in four weeks, okay? We want pictures.

Poor Ga-yeon has to suffer through 22 more days until her MMA debut. With a strict diet and a shot for her injured tendon, Ga-yeon put on a brave face and is all business.

roommate 11 ga-yeon

roommate 13 soo hyun recording studio

Soo-hyun, who is sometimes lost in the background, had a recording session with Jong Shin. I was impressed, not with her singing – even she knows she’s pretty bad – but with the way the studio staff worked so professionally with her. In the end, with the tech to make something from well, not very much, Soo-hyun sang a duet rendition of the Roommate theme song. It was pretty cute. Kang-joon stopped by with treats and to cheer her on, so sweet of him.

The last segment was a competition for coveted things in the house. Kang-joon wanted Mama Shin’s hair dryer so he could get a good night’s sleep for once and not go to be with wet hair. With a cap flick match, Kang-joon proudly transferred the hair dryer from Mama Shin’s bathroom to his. The next game was for the refrigerator in Seho and Dong-wook’s room and challenger Ga-yeon couldn’t hide her victory smile as she carted the neon fridge to her room. Mama Shin was drooling for Sora’s wardrobe steamer, and won it. Min-woo wanted Mama Shin’s bathroom rights 24/365 and lost. Nana wanted Seho’s projector and won. In the end, Min-woo and Kang-joon switched rooms with Seho and Dong-wook in a sit-ups match. The young roommates were downright giddy as they tossed their stuff in their new, improved bedroom. Bunks for Seho and Dong-wook, sorry guys.


Rankings this week:

Ga-yeon – 10 – is always in the top 2 for her positive outlook and hard work. Such a good sport. 22 days and counting until the MMA debut- fighting!

Chan-yeol – 10. Mr. Congeniality gauges the atmosphere and always brings it up. But he is looking so tired these days, poor baby!

Sora  – 9  – got in a few funny and deserved jabs at Seho.Our elegant pilates expert.

Soo-hyun  -9 – for sticking out her day in the recording studio with some pretty big names.

Mama Shin – 9 – thanks for taking such good care of everyone. I wonder if he is getting bored with the show, though.

Min-woo perked up a bit.I’ll give him an 8.5 His aside comments are pretty witty. He and SKJ are pretty happy campers in their new, larger room with a view.

Kang-joon 8.5 with 63 speed sit ups and a ready smile. Enjoy the big bed!

Nana 8 – our energizer bunny.

Dong-wook 8 – He sure did lose a lot this episode (refrig, well, actually his whole room). Tough break.

Seho – 7.5 okay, harmless enough this episode, but really, he just straight up annoys me to death. (Do I sound like a broken record?)I am rooting for his efforts to lose 10 kg, I wanna see that!

Bom – 7 caught a glimpse of her on the couch a couple of times.





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