Roommate episode 12 – Korean Reality Show

Part 1 Camping

roommaate 12 camping group                             roommate 12 kang joon chanyeol

Food. Games. Surprises. Sharing. All planned by Kang Yeol Tour Agency. My rankings are below, check it out!

Squeamish Chan-yeol and nonchalant Ga-yeon scaled the freshly caught trout. Grilled pork belly, shell fish and trout made a real outdoor feast for the Roommate campers. The hackey sack challenge showed off Seho and Min-woo’s skills at the game. MVP Seho was granted a wish – a movie date with Nana. This is getting out of hand.

Chan-yeol was Mr. MC extraordinaire, but it was way funnier watching him run screaming from moths and other bugs, of which there are many when one goes camping. Poor Chan-yeol’s bug phobia is real. (How did he manage on Law of the Jungle, I wonder?)

Next game – couple balloon popping. Ga-yeon and Kang-joon had a no nonsense MMA style that was awesome, but in the end, Sung-woo and Soo-hyun won with 10 popped balloons, not bad!

roommage 12

Chan-yeol surprised everyone with oldies but goodies on the big screen- Sora’s hair color and exercise commercials, Sung-woo’s blue jeans commercial (off to the side, Soo-hyun’s  mouth was hanging open), Dong-wook’s many different kinds of kissing scenes, Seho’s comedian debut. He succeeded in sufficiently embarrassing the 90s-something debut-ers.

But then Kumbaya time happened. Sharing feelings, yeah, okay, if you have to – and SoRa gets points for being the group guru – but overall it was meh. Last week’s previews were misleading and showed a sulking Min-woo behind a camper saying something like he didn’t want to do it anymore, and there were harsh words from Mama Shin – don’t do the show then –  (although it didn’t show who he was talking to). We didn’t see any of that in this episode, though, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as all that. However,  Min-woo was asked by several roommates to explain his bad mood and snappy behavior over the broken air conditioner in the car. Dong-wook asked him why he acted that way. Min-woo is a downer these days, and can’t seem to get out of his slump. He clearly feels overshadowed by Kang-joon and Chan-yeol, probably Dong-wook, too – but he has to find a way for his charms to rise to the surface again. So the campfire side conversation was uncomfortable. Mama Shin, who seemed a bit put out by Min-woo’s attitude, told him not to take it too seriously and enjoy being on Roommate. Mn-woo said he’d take the criticism, but was that missing the point?

Then there’s the Nana backlash issue by some critics out there. Why? I like Nana more and more. So that came up around the campfire of openness. Other than Mama Shin’s comment, “Nana is our source of energy.  She is a very precious, cute, younger sister to us all,” I could have done without the sharing this episode. I mean, couldn’t they have just roasted marshmallows and fed s’mores to each other?


Part 2 Bungee Jump (aka just sign the waiver)

Our fearless leader, Chan-yeol, bravely led the bungee jumping brigade and went first. Look out below – EXO Roomate Love! As it turned out, Nana, Min-woo, and Ga-yeon jumped. Kang-joon slowly but surely overcame his fear of heights and made a 720 degree turn on the way down. Awesome. As Chan-yeol would say, “We grew a little more.” Min-woo seemed to perk up somewhat. Kang-joon said they fought earlier that day, so I hope they can lighten up around each other and just have fun.

Nana-makes-a-promise-to-viewers-before-bungee-jumping-on-Roommate          roommate 12 group picThe bungee jumpers

There was a part 3 – SeHo and actor Kim Bo Sung (Honor!) shooting a commercial. The conversation that followed about dating, just no. Why does the show feed the SeHo/Nana thing to this point? I was totally turned off by this segment and cannot for the life of me understand why the show is going this far with it. I am against it and think it puts Nana in an awkward position. In fact, it makes me mad.

My rankings for episode 12:

Chan-yeol 10 for planning the trip and being the MC extraordinaire – nothing stops him!

Ga-yeon – 10 for being the best sport and most even-tempered roommate by far.

Kang-joon – 9.5 for Kang-Yeol Tour Agency planning and overcoming his acrophobia with bungee!

Nana – 9 – You are the flower of the show (quote- Mama Shin). Ignore the naysayers! ♥

Guru SoRa – 8.5 for being a great big sister and voice of reason to the group

Mama Shin – 8. Smile and laugh more often, Sung-woo.

Soo-hyun – 8. Great cheerleader for the games.

Min-woo – 7.5. Moody blues. There was a bit of shine at the bungee, but I’m not sure he’s out of his slump.

SeHo – 7. I’m being generous. He is good at a lot of things, but still so annoying. I am worried about the Nana thing with him and wish the show wouldn’t feed it.

Bom – 7. Just there.

Dong-wook. barely there, no ranking.Not sure why he’s on the show, he is there so infrequently.

Check out the show for an hour of entertainment and plenty of head scratching, “huhs?” too !








2 thoughts on “Roommate episode 12 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Min Woo peevishness is making me fall for him even more. I gotta snap out of that. But he just feels so unable to put on a happy face…and i love that inability. It’s not exactly a good trait to have but it makes him feel so human to me. It’s like i feel he doesn’t have the capacity to deceive. Which is a nice trait.

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  2. i dont know if anyone is going to read this but does anyone know what happened to the scenes where they hinted that there was going to be a argument during the scene where they all sit down after dinner and start talking. I mean i saw the scene with nana crying but what about the scenes where it seems to look like dong wook is yelling at min woo? or the scene where dong wook is saying so stupid and this is pathetic? or the scene were mama shin walks away from the group? What happened to that? im so confused. does it show uo later or….????


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