Roommate episode 11 – Korean Reality Show

roommate 11 pic 3              roommate 11 ga-yeon Ga-yeon narrates this episode. 35 days until she debuts as MMA fighter. I support Gayeon all the way!

Part 1 – tension.

roommate ep 11 pic

Roommate has had some highs, but the long plateaus of mediocrity are starting to wear on me. This week there are tensions building that have arisen from the mere fact that 11 roommates are bound to have different schedules, habits, and levels of maturity that eventually clash. Like Mama Shin’s kitchen deal – he had a fit when he found the sink piled high with dishes and the trash overflowing. But Min-woo got scolded and took the brunt of Mama Shin’s frustration which wasn’t fair to him. Min-woo tackled the dishes alone with the idea that he would address the group later. I have a feeling his plan is going to backfire, but still – it was a crummy set up. Mama Shin gets minus points for that.

Part 2 – Kang Yeol Travel Agency Plan A Group Camping Trip

roomate 11 pic 2

A group trip is on the agenda and Kang-joon volunteered to organize it. While the others seemed a bit unsure of his leadership ability, he jumped into action, teamed up with Chan-yeol, and the youngest males in the household set out to plan the food, transportation, accommodations, games and teams. On paper it all looked well and good, and their effort as team leaders was commendable. Spy Min-woo really is good in front of the camera, and sneaked around to gather information from the team leaders’ planning session.

At 6 a.m. the next morning, Kang Yeol Travel Agency leaders were up and prepared sandwiches and packs for everyone. I was impressed they trimmed the crusts of the bread for tuna and egg salad sandwiches. Two teams were formed and everyone packed, got instructions, and headed out for a 1 night 2 day camping trip.


Glitch #1 – Team Leader Kang-joon’s group (Min-woo, Bom, Soo-hyun, and Ga-yeon) got a car with a bum air-conditioner. Trouble. Everyone’s patience was thin, fixing it didn’t work, Soo-Hyun was a nervous wreck because she’d been in two major car accidents, Bom was off the wall with random comments, Min-woo was sensitive, and poor Kang-joon was stressed. The team even tried to get the other team to play a game to switch cars. They didn’t fall for that.

Glitch #2 – Attempts to fix the a/c at a shop failed, the car was hot, people were moody, and traffic was busy. Worst of all, Min-woo dozed off while driving the last few miles which made everyone very uneasy. I am a little surprised the filming staff and directors didn’t step in (off camera) and make sure everyone was safe and the car was okay. Kang-joon took over the wheel and at last, they arrived at the campsite. It was awkward all around, as Min-woo approached his team and apologized.

Meanwhile, Team Leader Chan-yeol’s group (Sora, Seho, Nana, and Sung-Woo) happily drove without incident in their air conditioned vehicle, oblivious to the misery of the other carload. They had fun along the way stopping for lunch, eating fish jerky snacks, and doing impressions. After finding their campsite and setting up, they set out to catch fish for dinner in the nearby stream with nets, bare hands, and fishing poles.

The day’s experiences and the atmosphere of the two teams were on opposite ends of the spectrum. I don’t see how this is going to work out very well. Even the previews point to tension and harsh words, and I’m not sure I’m up for that. I hope it is a tease and that good times are ahead for next week’s night of camping out. This wasn’t a very fun episode to watch.

My ratings this episode:

Ga-yeon, SoRa, Chanyeol get top scores of 9 this week. I absolutely love Ga-yeon’s attitude, SoRa was fun and also does a lot behind the scene for the household, Chan-yeol is always cheerful and positive.

Kang-joon – 8.5 for stepping up, organizing the trip, and enlisting Chan-yeol’s help.

Min-woo 8 this episode. There is something not meshing between him and Kang-joon, although I don’t think it should actually be that way. Are they too similar in their fields and aspirations to be close as friends?

Mama Shin gets a 7.5, not because he wasn’t justified in his frustration with the kitchen and general messiness of the house, but that he let Min-woo take the brunt of it and didn’t handle it himself with the group if it’s his problem.

Seho also gets a 7.5 – it would have driven me crazy to sit with him in the backseat as hid did impressions and sang.

Bom – 7 for being extra scatterbrained and not being very helpful at all. Was she picking on Min-woo, too?

Soo-hyun gets a 7 for meh. I understand she was concerned with the car situation, but she was picky and made everyone nervous.

Nana and Dong-wook barely had air time this episode, so no rating for them.


One thought on “Roommate episode 11 – Korean Reality Show

  1. Oh I am nervous in watching this episode. I do think it is the way the show is being edited because from the way you describe it mama shin was practically blaming min woo….i think behind the scenes it is a build up of the roommates not cleaning the kitchen…even last week he commented during the food contest of they could clean up and previous episodes like that. So I think it is a constant thing and min woo just happened to be in his sight and him just having a bad day. Yea with min woo he just doesn’t seem to be meshing with Kang Joon…then again editing.

    Overall the editing of the show is just awkward and sometimes the story doesn’t fit. So I can see why it feels weird every week. Previews are never what it seems which is frustrating.

    Thanks for the recap before subs. Enjoy the ratings of the characters

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