Roommate episode 10 – Korean Reality Show

This episode was such a random day in the lives of the roommates. Seho was the narrator. Is it possible to try too hard? In a word, yes. Seho seems to be out for the limelight and is pushy about it. Sure, he gets more air time that way, but it is super annoying. Moving on ~

ep 10 image

An impromptu cook-off was all in good fun as two teams competed in Roommate Chef: Korea.

cook off ep 10  The challenge was to create an dish from episode nine’s leftover octopus. Mama Shin and SoRa were the judges and would base their decision on taste and presentation. Bom, Kang-joon, and Seho formed the “We want to become octopus tentacles” team, and Ga-yeon, Min-woo, and Soo-hyun teamed up as “Hong Gil Dong.”

Somehow it was a success. Min-woo’s food story of Mr. Octo-monster and Miss Carpaccio Octopus on a date (oily meets refreshing) was adorable. He is either hot or cold when it comes to being on the spot. Today he was hot. I am rooting for you to shine even brighter, my Minnie-woo. The other team introduced their dish as Korea-Italy Love Story, a fusion dish of sorts.

Dong-wook returned to the house looking dog beat tired. As an extra taster, he ate and ate. And ate. I am guessing his diet for the drama is over and he can enjoy real food once again. He informed everyone that a guest would visit in the evening and kept them guessing. The clue was that he was older than DW and an actor. Before the guest arrived, SoRa, Dong-wook, and Kang-joon went food shopping. Meanwhile, house chores included bed cover washing with everyone left at home joining in.

   dongwook hwa   dong wook hwa 2

As it happened, an evening with  Lee Deok Hwa, veteran actor born in 1952, was filled with life stories, advice, and mentorship. (Dong-wook and Deok Hwa co-starred in the recent kdrama, Hotel King.)The roommates and their esteemed guest enjoyed a seafood meal prepared by Mama Shin, and afterwards there was a festive atmosphere as the party moved outside. Replays of Deok Hwa’s famous lines and scenes were entertaining and made everyone feel a little closer. Even SoRa joined in, reenacting the show she and Deok Hwa emceed back in the day.

♥A special and heartfelt congratulations goes to Ga-yeon who will debut as a professional martial arts fighter on August 17. Look forward to it!

My ranking this week:

Seho – 7.5; SoRa- 7.5; Soo-hyun – 8; Bom – 8; Min-woo – 8; Mama Shin – 8; Dong-wook -8.5; Kang-joon – 8.5; Ga-yeon – 8.5; Chanyeol – 9 (missing for the most part this week – Nana).


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