Roommate episode 9 – Korean Reality Show

My ratings this week for our Roommates (score out of 10)

Chanyeol and Nana – 9 for all around cuteness and being upbeat all the time

Min-woo – 8.5 for remembering Ga-yeon’s birthday with flowers

Ga-yeon – 8.5 for a happy birthday episode

 Sung-woo – 8.5 for being the voice of reason with a dash of fun

Kang-joon – 8 for eating spicy foods well even though he can’t take it

SoRa – 8 for being a good noona to Ga-yeon

SeHo – 7.5 for having such great parents and being a good son

Bom and Soo-hyun – 7 for hanging out this week

Dong-wook (absent)


I got a really good feeling watching this episode that the roommates are caring for each other and making an effort to get to know one another. Kitchen duty is under control with rotating shifts and eager and sincere participation. Min-woo and Nana were up and out the door early to prepare breakfast. Never mind that the carton of eggs slipped out of Min-woo’s grocery bag and ended up scrambled raw.

The sports competition went down for house cleaning duties with stiff hula hoop and chicken fight contests. Nana won the title of hula hoop queen by jiggling four hoops at once – amazing! The guys kneed each other in a chicken fight standoff, way to go, Chanyeol!

Our handsome bromance roommates



    Bom and her Poong Poong family ~


It was Ga-yeon’s 20th birthday and the Roommates did not forget to give her a party and lots of love. A coming of age birthday is celebrated with perfume (provided by SeHo), flowers (provided by Min-woo), and a kiss (from Nana). Add a cake, club shoes from SoRa noona and our maknae went to bed that night happy and tearful for her new family. 


I love SeHo’s parents to death! They seemed more like Seho’s older siblings, they were so young looking. His comedic mother and soft-hearted father made a surprise visit to the house bearing gifts of side dishes (food is always the best, especially with this crowd). The parboiled octopus looked fantastic, I would love to try some! His mother told stories of Seho’s hardships that were moving and also a bit burdensome. But she painted a realistic picture of his struggles and his roommates were able to know his vulnerable side, too, and care for him more.

Add an afternoon of eating spicy food and I’d say this episode moved along faster and better paced than previous ones. It was funny that the women did a much better job eating the spiciest foods they could find than the guys (who had to make numerous trips to the bathroom for their unsettled stomachs – yikes). The task was to bring home the spiciest dishes for SoRa to challenge her claim that she doesn’t sweat when she eats spicy foods. SoRa failed right off the bat, sweating and turning red as she ate the spicy dishes.








3 thoughts on “Roommate episode 9 – Korean Reality Show

    • Hi curlynoona! It was fun watching them eat spicy foods in the restaurants – Ga-yeon wasn’t phased at all by the spiciness. The guys were wusses all around 🙂 I wish this was on twice a week. I am also watching Trot Lovers which is cute, and a few kdramas that are wrapping up. I never saw I’m Sorry, I Love You, but I marathoned it twice last weekend (which makes 32 eps in 48 hrs-I barely ate and didn’t sleep). It’s is cult-worthy! I want to write an essay on it – perhaps titled, Unread Essay, because it is 9 years after the drama came out 🙂


      • So cute! Trot Lovers is looking good so far, but I’m just gonna watch for a while before I decide. I never saw Sorry, I love you, but people hardly ever right things on older shows, so if I want to watch one I just have to dive in without knowing if it’s going to break my mind or not…I love when I can actually read a bit about it first


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