Roommate episode 8 – Korean Reality Show

How I see it this week ~

I am giving longer comments since I’ve developed some opinions about the show now that it has aired for several weeks. The episode opened with plenty of Korean team spirit – the fans went all out – for the World Cup soccer match between Korea and Russia.

At first I was worried when I watched episode 8 without subs as I could tell Min-woo was having a hard time. Nana, too. After watching the subbed episode, I have mostly good things to say about the outcome. It’s funny that the guys were girls (fussing over the house, whispering, fretting) and the girls were guys (slug to the shoulder heart-to-heart talks) this round.

Min-woo ~ gets 7 this episode. Hear me out on this. He was up and down, Mr. Moody Blues. The episode started out with competition building between Kang-joon and Min-woo. The two flower boys met Dong-wook at a photo shoot and competed for attention from the photographers. All three looked amazingly handsome posing together for a shot. Next, Min-woo and Kang-joon went to the airport to pick up Bom. They made a bet that the loser would chauffeur Bom and the winner based on whose welcome gift Bom chose. Min-woo lost and stepped up as chauffeur. Min-woo gets points for being a good sport and for choosing flowers for Bom’s welcome back gift. Bom Alien just likes her bread too much and chose it over flowers.

Back at the house, with so much attention going to Kang-joon, Min-woo showed his pout-y self and didn’t pull it together. When Kang-joon got an offer to MC Inkigayo, Min-woo couldn’t hide his jealousy. It was obvious, and he remained disgruntled even when Kang-joon’s Suprise group members Yoo-il and Lee Tae-hwan showed up as guests for a barbeque. Then the bathroom talk with Kang-joon happened and, well, things went south and became awkward between the two flower friends. Both felt bad. However, I applaud Min-woo for reflecting and reconsidering how he handled his emotions and conceded that, as the older friend, he should have let it go. Min-woo wears his feelings on his sleeve and isn’t good in a group when the attention is not on him. Dong-wook intervened and gave Min-woo a private counseling session, told Min-woo to learn from how he handled things that day, and encouraged him. When Min-woo said he had more to gain from than contribute to Roommate, I got the feeling that he gets it. He just needs to learn how to handle to pressure of competition in the entertainment world. Min-woo sucked it up, recognized his tacky behavior, and vowed to lighten up and be happy for the others’ opportunities. He is working through his insecurities and how they play out. Any celebrity that can honestly do that gets a thumbs up from me. So 7 – almost an 8 – this week, Min-woo.

Nana had a hard time this episode, too. She gets an 8. I like her more each week. She’s smart, articulate, and puts herself out there with her new roommates. I don’t get all the negative comments she’s received from the public because her interactions with everyone on the show have revealed a caring and fun Nana. She can even get away with feeding Seho lettuce wraps and not look like a fake flirt. I believe her when she says she has been misunderstood and criticized for merely breaking the ice and getting closer with her roommates. Keep up the good work, Nana. I’m a fan!


Ga-yeon continues to be in my top 3 and gets 9 this episode. She is receptive, involved, and thoughtful. Not to mention skilled in her sport and mature beyond her years. Three cheers for the song she and her martial arts colleague sang at their CEO’s wedding, so brave. Ga-yeon and So-ra had a heart-to-heart about losing their fathers at a young age and growing up fast. Ga-yeon is quite private and respects other people’s privacy. So sensible and thoughtful. I really like her. In the first episode, I feared that So-ra would eat Ga-yeon alive, but time has proven that the oldest and youngest females have bonded. So-ra is protective and Ga-yeon admires So-ra. I totally ship our maknae Ga-yeon with Surprise’s maknae Lee Tae-hwan. She happily gave the two handsome guests a friendly low kick goodbye.


Kang-joon gets a 9- good things keep coming his way and he deserve them. What a doll in that sparkly red MC bow tie, knock ’em dead on Inkigayo, Kang-joon! Although I normally hate the shorts/jacket outfit that is popular with idols these days, Kang-joon looked adorable in his shorts suit.

Chanyeol, Dong-wook, and Seho helped Kang-joon work on MC skills for an upcoming guest appearance on Inkigayo. I wanted to keep feeding the meat-deprived bedless friends, Yoo-il andTae-hwan. Our hearts broke when we saw the Surprise group members’ living conditions in episode 1 (eating raymun  on the floor, sleeping like sardines in one bedroom). Oh, how they admired the beds in the Roommate house and posed for the cameras everywhere.


In the background this week – Sung-woo, So-ra, and Soo-hyun just hanging out on Roommate. I am concerned at the dropping ratings, but hope the show can pull viewers with better editing and direction.


Chan-yeol Shin Sung-woo black     min woo kang joon    Chanyeol 1    Seo Kang Joon as Seung-Hyun in Sly & Single Again


3 thoughts on “Roommate episode 8 – Korean Reality Show

  1. I pretty much agree with your take on Min Woo. I think it’s hard for him because he’s been around for awhile, and he sees Kang Joon being younger and just coming out and already being more famous. He just acted human, and I hope no one blames him for it. As for Kang Joon…I have only seen Kang Joon in one thing besides roommate, but he was fantastic in that, so I do think he deserves to be noticed. I get annoyed that all anyone ever brings up is his looks, though. Right now I have him pegged as just being sweet and kind of vague…I know there is more there. I wish they’d show it.


    • Hi Curlynoona! Maybe Dong-wook and Min-woo should have been roommates and Knag-joon would have been okay with Seho. That way the 20-something year-olds could have space and compete in a healthier environment. But did you see the preview for ep 9 that showed Min-woo practicing MC-ing with Kang-joon? I actually think I saw that Inkigayo show already a couple weeks ago, not sure, but the 2 flower boys were definitely MCs on it. A happy ending after all for their friendship I hope.


      • I think that would have been a great idea. There would be more of Dong-Wook being a mentor (although I realized recently he’snot actually very much older), and Se-Ho gets along with everyone. Probably Min Woo is tired of being compared. I know he did it himself this episode, but in previous episodes it was other people. I like them both, so I hope the co-MCing thing patches everything up. Most of all I want some GaYeon/Chanyeol time, even though the only place the two have a relationship is probably in my head.


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