Roommate episode 7 – Korean Reality Show

Happy birthday, Sung-woo. Here’s a nostalgic instrumental version of My Grandfather’s Clock, the song playing in the background at the Inkigayo set where memories from back in the day washed over Sung-woo. Ah yes, the old man.  The surprise visit to EXO-K performance and sandwiches went over well.

This episode seemed a bit boring, with so much time spent watching Ga-yeon and Nana driving around. And around. These two get a 7/10 for this episode. Sure, they’re cute, but the car antics were monotonous. I’m guessing the ice melted on the way home. (On second thought, maybe the editors are the ones who should get 7/10. What did the girls do wrong? And they had fun together, too. So editors, you get the rap for the monotony, and our shaved ice shoppers move up to an 8/10). That’s better.


Once again, Chan-yeol emerged as the star of the show with his charm and glowing personality. Min-woo would say, “People don’t usually glow,” but actually,  Chan-yeol does. A 10 for Chan-yeol per usual. Some EXO-K Inkigayo time was sweet, too. Chan-yeol=adorable.


Our Min-woo was whiny and a tad spoiled when he pooh-poohed Nana’s gag gift. It was all in fun and I can understand that he felt pressured to act the comedian when he’s not comfortable in that role, but he didn’t play along very well. Eh, a 7/10 for MW. (A visit to Min-woo’s parents’ blanket shop revealed some baby photos of MW with his pinch-able dimpled cheeks and lush black hair. He’s still the same. His father’s long time crush for Soo-hyun translated to his wish for her and MW to become a couple. Father sent her a mint blanket from his shop along with a recorded message.

Kang-joon is s close contender to Chan-yeol with charm, looks, and a most agreeable personality. Kang-joon dressed up in the costume Nana brought back from Japan. He transformed into Kang dash man and made appearances to the unsuspecting Dong-wook and Chan-yeol as they wondered back home from their schedules. It fit the mood of the evening, and he had fun pranking the boys and entertaining all the roommates. Kang-joon gets a 9/10 this episode.

I’m having a hard time finding much to appreciate about SeHo. SoRa Soo-hyun, Bom and Dong-wook were in the background – I want to see more of them in action soon.

Why do people keep dropping cream cakes?


Chan-yeol Shin Sung-woo black      min woo kang joon    Chanyeol 1cropped-roommate-ep-2-chart.jpg


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