Roommate episode 5 – Korean Reality Show

Roommate episode 5  – ratings and comments

Se-ho and Nana get 8/10 this round– I was prepared to totally hate their trip together to visit Dong-wook on site for his drama shooting, but in the end I didn’t hate it at all. I give Nana credit for enjoying the moment and having fun lip syncing with Se-ho. She was also good at diffusing his playful but wishful-flirting. “Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile” seemed to be the gist of her style for cutting him off at the helm. Se-ho took what he could get, which was a 7 hour round trip with Nana even if their versions of the trip shall remain different for all the days they may live. Trying too hard is both Se-ho’s charm and irritation. The lunch he prepared with Dong-wook in mind was thoughtful I’ll admit. But more often he borders on  invading personal space with his questions and comments and pushy actions. Nana gained points with me this episode.

Roommates ep 5 seho nana dongwook

Ga-yeon and Min-woo get a 7/10 this round– This is the second episode these two have spent considerable time together. Min-woo was definitely out of his element at Ga-yeon’s training gym. Who wouldn’t be – so intense. I kind of felt sorry for him for feeling dumped. But I expected him to shine a bit more that he did for himself and Ga-yeon (although she didn’t need it since everyone there rallied around her). Min-woo was complimented by several of the roommates this episode –  So-ra said he had common sense and Shin-woo said he was perceptive and smart. He doesn’t always come off that way to me but I am glad his roomies noticed his charms and brought them to our attention. Somehow I think Min-woo has to up his game at this point. His dimples and FBRS carry him a long way, but what’s new, Min-woo? He and Ga-yeon continue their playful game of punishment to break her of her formal speech with everyone. Ga-yeon is the perfect maknae of the group and is in my top 3 Roommates favorites. (Chanyeol and Sung-woo remain 1 and 2, respectively.)

ga yeon and min woo wrestling

Chanyeol and Sung-woo get 9/10 this round– Aw, thoughtful Chanyeol even looked up a recipe for bean sprout hangover soup for his roomie, Sung-woo, who par-tayed his head off the previous night at the farewell cast party for The Three Musketeers. Chanyeol, first one up in the morning, worked hard to flavor the soup (he’d never made it before) for Sung-woo’s late morning appearance. True to character, Sung-woo was appreciative and complimented Chanyeol’s efforts. Such a classy guy. They take good care of each other just like brothers.

Chanyeol cooking

So-ra (who gets a 7 this round) treated Ga-yoen and Soo-hyun to makeovers. Chanyeol, Min-woo and Se-ho were ushered in as the audience and provided cat whistles and applause as the ladies paraded their new looks. Later, So-ra and Sung-woo had a 5-second eye contact challenge. I get the uncomfortableness between them, but think time and some fun antics will help break the ice. It can’t be forced, but I hope some interaction comes naturally and they become closer.

ga-yeon makeover

Soo-hyun (who a 6.5 this round) is still needy, but was more low key this episode. She put effort into connecting with the other roommates by writing them each a letter during her day alone at the house and hiding them for each person to find and read later. She was even rather adorable with a Spiderman doll sidekick as she swept and straightened the house.

soo hyun and spiderman

Other than that, everyone else was working and had very little air time. We missed you Kang-joon, Dong-wook- who was dashing in a tuxedo for that quick glimpse, and Bom.

Chan-yeol Shin Sung-woo black      min woo kang joon


2 thoughts on “Roommate episode 5 – Korean Reality Show

  1. I like your drawings a lot. I’ve been drawing drama stuff too. I just put up a Coffee Prince drawing.

    I actually think Min Woo did have a stand out moment, although I don’t know why exactly I feel that way. Him yelling at Ga Yeun about the dishes and then blinking and apologizing when she just started a him, for some reason made me really like him. Although I always like the roommate of the guy-every-one-loves. I’m a big fan of sidekicks.


    • Hi curlynoona ~Oh, I really like Min-woo, too. He IS the guy everyone loves. I hope he gets a role in something good soon so we can see him develop as a character in a drama. i want to see a little more depth in Min-woo.


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