FT Island’s Hangul Live – Month 2

FT Island is doing a year’s worth of Hangul lessons in a fun format. Each month has a theme with a lesson each week about that theme. You can learn to pronounce, practice, perform, and perfect Hangul with Hongki and all the FT Island flower boys. Enjoy some pretty!

Month 2

Theme: The expressions you often use when meeting friends

Lesson 1 – “I came from [Japan].”  https://www.youtube.com/embed/WIR-bprFmwc



Month 1

Theme: Expressions you can use at a a concert.

Lesson 1 – “Is there a seat?” https://www.youtube.com/embed/ipfffx_6KQ8

Lesson 2 – “I like FT Island.” https://www.youtube.com/embed/pR1I2HF6SdY

Lesson 3 – “The concert was fun.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpmstnbuERw

Lesson 4 – This week’s lesson is a review of the last 3 weeks. It is so much fun with music, skits, and memorization.   https://www.youtube.com


see archives: FT Island’s Hangul Live – sign me up for the year!


4 thoughts on “FT Island’s Hangul Live – Month 2

  1. May I use your Hummingbird picture to make myself a flashcard for the Korean word for Hummingbird? I saw a hummingbird in my Zen garden yesterday. My vocabulary is all geared towards garden/nature terms with the arrival of Spring. – Julia the Berkshire Beanie


    • Yes, thanks for asking. I drew it as a request by someone whose bathroom is done in a hummingbird theme, which seems a bit unceremonious. So, the thought of you using it in connection with Korean and a Zen garden is perfect and fitting~ I have had several people tell me they made it their desktop and phone cover pics:)


      • I love your use of color. Every time I see that watercolor with the browns, I want to pay you for it, dear artist, and hang on my wall framed.

        Thank you for letting me use it. I enjoy my flashcards because the images have meaning for me, even more so because you are the one who made it, chingu.


      • Thanks. The original pink and brown watercolor is about 30 x 36 inches, maybe a little bigger. it is framed and hangs above my bed. I don’t have the set up right now to do watercolors that size (at least without a lot of hassle) – but i try to keep up with other art styles. The hummingbird pic is 9x 12 inches. I wonder if flashcards with personal meaning make the letters/symbols easier to learn and retain?


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